Sometime in the next few months, Apple is expected to preview its newest version of iOS, the operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad. Already, we've started to get a look at some of the features we might expect. Of course, we won't really know what to we're getting from iOS 14 until Apple rolls it out, which most often occurs at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference, usually held in July. Leaks and rumors don't always amount to real-world functionality, but these three possibilities for highly useful updates are worth getting excited about.

New Home Screen Design

The home screen on your iPhone has been basically the same since the first version back in 2007. A few small changes have allowed you to add more items to the bottom tray, and fit more icons on the screen, but basically the grid design has remained mostly the same. Now, there's reason to believe that may change.

In fact, iOS 14 is expected to give users more control over their home screen, including a list view, that would display all of your apps in a list that can be filtered. That's according to 9to5Mac, which says that the filter options might include the ability to only show apps with unread notifications. 

Mouse Support

Technically, mouse support is already available in iPadOS, which is essentially a forked version of iOS 13. That feature is primarily an accessibility tool at this point, but most signs point to the fact that Apple will bring real mouse and trackpad support to iOS 14. In fact, a separate rumor has surfaced lately that Apple is working on a new version of the smart keyboard that would include a trackpad, similar to what is currently available from Brydge. 

Change Default Mail App

I wrote about this already, but this could be one of the biggest changes of all. It would be one of the most significant as well, considering Apple has long restricted users' ability to pick the default mail, music, or browser on the iPhone.

Sure, you can use any email app you want, but whenever you click on an email address, it's still going to open the default iOS app. That's particularly annoying if you're an email power-user who prefers something other than the limited version from Apple.

Bonus: Unsend Messages

Yes, please. In fact, the ability to unsend a message (at least until it's read), seems like something we should have by now. You can already do this with Slack, so why on earth you can't do it with Messages seems a little crazy to me. I get that there are probably technical reasons, but if you can make my phone unlock with my face, you can figure out how to give me the ability to unsend an errant message.