If you spend much time traveling for work, you probably have your go-to list of gadgets that always travel with you. No doubt one item on that list is a reliable pair of wireless earbuds for listening to music, tuning out distractions, making phone calls, or video conferencing.

Finding the right pair can be a challenge, especially if you're trying to find one that matches your desired combination of features, price, and comfort. Fortunately, if you're looking for the best true wireless options available, this list has you covered. 

1. Powerbeats Pro

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If you're a fan of the AirPods but wish they had a better fit, you'll love the Powerbeats Pro. They have the same wireless chip, but the wraparound design, addition of a volume rocker, and the fact that they're sweat-resistant are big improvements. They will set you back $249, however.

My major beef with the PowerBeats Pro is also true of several other types. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make the outside face of the earbud a button didn't consider the fact that since none of these fit perfectly in your ear, so you're going to press them back in on occassion. That and the fact the case is about the size of a softball. Try fitting that in your pocket.

2. Apple AirPods 2

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I've already gone on record saying that the AirPods are a traveler's best friend, but I'll add this: They're easily the most reliable and simple to use wireless earbuds. They also happen to sound pretty good, though if you need something that will block out background noise, go for the PowerBeats Pro or the Bose. 

The biggest reason the AirPods are great for travel is they're foolproof for setting up and switching between devices, and they fit in a charging case small enough to fit in any pocket. You can get them for $199 with the wireless charging case. 

3. Sony WF-1000XM3

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Maybe the only thing wrong with these top-notch wireless earbuds from Sony is the name. I mean, seriously? Aside from that, if you're looking for real noise-cancellation in a true wireless earbud, these are for you. And, in addition to all the sound you'll block out, what you will hear will sound great, especially for $230.

My biggest complaint with these (besides the name) is they don't fit as snugly as I'd like, and I constantly thought they were going to fall out. They didn't, but the anxiety alone was enough to make me think twice about packing them for a long haul through an airport. 

4. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

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There's only one reason to spend $299 on the Momentum True Wireless from Sennheiser: you insist on audiophile-quality sound in a wireless earbud. There isn't much else in the way of features from these buds. There's no fitness tracking, no water resistance, and they don't even have active noise-canceling. 

Still, they're by far the best sounding option on this list. The one feature they don't have is an app with EQ for dialing in the sound. The earbuds also borrow a trick from the AirPods in that they'll pause your music when you take them out of your ear. All that comes with a premium price, but if premium sound matters, these are your best buy.

5. Klipsch T5 True Wireless

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If long battery life and solid sound are your most important factors, the T5 True Wireless from Klipsch is the easy choice and worth waiting for (they're available in October). In fact, they're probably the best overall sounding earbuds for the price, which is impressive considering they're the same price as the AirPods ($199).

Even the case is impressive: it's made of metal and resembles a flip-up lighter. The downside is that the case isn't lightweight, especially compared to the AirPods, but it does hold 24 hours of battery charge, while the earbuds themselves will last you about 8 hours.

6. Jabra Elite Active 65t

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Based on the Elite 65t's, these are certainly among the most popular wireless earbuds you can get today. They're water and dust resistant, which makes them great for working out, and the added accelerometer means you can track your steps through the fitness app on your iPhone. 

The sound is pretty good, and five hours of battery life (plus 10 hours more in the case) makes them a reliable pick on the go for around $120.