If you travel for work, you probably already consider your iPhone one of your most important travel tools. If you're like me, it's where you keep your boarding passes (Delta app), how you get around (Uber), the key to your hotel room (Marriott Bonvoy), or how you find a place to eat (Yelp). 

Your iPhone can also  make travel a little easier with these great apps. 

1. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is the best way to find discounted prices on places to stay. Originally, it only offered discounted reservations for the same day, beginning at 9 a.m.. Now, however, you can book in advance at hotels organized by categories like Solid, Luxe, Hip, or Basic, giving you a range of great options. 

The downside is that you usually don't get credit for your stay with your hotel loyalty program--though I know from experience that Marriott will often add your information when you check in, if you ask nicely.

2. Tripit

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I remember when Tripit first came out. The fact that you could just forward your emails and it would automatically parse out your trip and keep all the details organized was amazing. It's not quite as revolutionary today, and there are similar services from Google and others, but Tripit is still the go-to for keeping your hotel, flights, and rental cars all in one organized place. 

3. Edison Email

If you are a frequent traveler, Edison Email is great at organizing all of your email based on what it contains. It will automatically show you all of your travel-related email grouped by trip which makes it easy to find all the details in one place. It'll also show you packages that are on their way, as well as receipts for expenses. 

If you're a power-user, there are better email apps like Spark Mail or Airmail, but if you like your email with a little bit of AI, it's a good travel companion.

4. Wifi Around

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There are a lot of apps that help you find Wi-Fi, but most of the ones I've tried are not all that useful. Wi-Fi Around, on the other hand, does a good job of finding nearby Wi-Fi hotspots based on your location and will run a series of security checks on the network to make sure it's free of fishing or other security vulnerabilities. 

It also has Speedtest.net from Ookla built in, letting you test the connection speed--perfect for when you're trying to find a place to jump on a video meeting with your team. 

5. Google Translate

If you travel internationally, Google Translate is your smartest travel companion. Not only will it let you type in a phrase and help you pronounce it in the language of wherever you're traveling, but you can use the camera and it'll translate signs or documents in real time. 

6. Hopper

It's kind of like Kayak, the popular booking app, only smarter and more helpful. Hopper actually tells you when you should book based on pricing trends and then sends you push notifications to make sure you lock in the best price. It'll let you set a "watch" notification for a city, or even an individual hotel, which is super helpful, even if it does violate my "notifications are bad" rule.

7. Lounge Buddy

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If you spend a lot of time in airports, you probably already have a membership to one of the airline lounges and know that a few minutes of quiet, along with a snack and something to drink, can make flying an entirely different experience.

Lounge Buddy can help you find lounges near you based on your travel plans, and it tells you what the requirements are for each. Since it's owned by American Express, it also allows you to purchase access to some lounges, which is great when your travel plans take you on another airline, or outside of your usual routine.

8. Camera +

Even if you're traveling for work, you may want to take photos. While the built-in iOS camera app is fine, there are times when you want something with a little more control, like long shutter release for great nighttime shots. Camera+ also has a portrait mode that lets you control the background blur, making for striking photos of your travel companions.

9. Find My iPhone

Turn it on. Seriously. If you lose your device while traveling, not only will Find My iPhone help you locate it on a map, you can have it send a tone that plays on your device, even if it's turned off, making it easier to find when you accidentally drop it behind the hotel bed. 

It'll also let you send a message that will display on your device screen giving instructions to whoever finds it. Plus, you can lock or even wipe your device in the event you aren't likely to get it back.