Even though Father's Day is almost here, if you haven't had a chance to get your iPhone-toting dad the perfect gift, I've got you covered. Here are a few of my favorite accessories designed to complement anyone's iPhone, even if Dad isn't exactly a tech expert. 

Fortunately, both the Apple Online Store and Amazon offer shipping in time for Father's Day (if you hurry).

Here are my favorite iPhone accessories just for Father's Day:

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No one likes to run out of battery late in the afternoon while they've been on their phone all day. Especially if you travel, trying to find a place to recharge your device is about as obnoxious as having your cavities filled. Except at least then you could charge your phone. 

While there are plenty of great battery cases or portable batteries, this one lets you charge your phone or other USB-A devices (like any iPhone or pair of AirPods) via a Lightning cable or by using the Qi wireless charging feature.

It doesn't pack as much charge as some of its older brothers, but it has the advantage of being smaller and more portable, making it a better choice for dads who travel for work.

I guess there are some people who appreciate the fashion statement that comes with putting a flashy, colorful, high-profile case on their iPhone. I'm also guessing there's a good chance Dad isn't one of those people.

Instead, get him a thin case from Totallee. While it doesn't offer the same level of impact protection as bulkier cases, it is low-profile enough to almost forget you have a case at all. The best part is, it still protects from scratches and dings you might otherwise get without a case.

The company also makes some pretty great screen protectors. I've noticed that they occasionally chip along the edge if you are someone who's rougher than average on their phone. The good news is that Totallee has a one-year, no-questions warranty and will replace the protector for you for free. I happen to know from experience that the company is super good about honoring the warranty too--even if you do make the mistake of carrying your phone with your keys.

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I've said before that I'm a big fan of the Apple AirPods, but the great thing about the Powerbeats Pro earbuds is that they have all the same technology in a better sounding package. They also fit your ears better if you're active and appreciate the extra snug fit provided by the wraparound style. 

They include the exact same H1 chip that is found in the AirPods, which is what makes pairing effortless and enables Siri support. They're not cheap, but if Dad needs a great-sounding pair of earbuds for working out, or just work, he'll love these. 

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Sure, the Apple HomePods are amazing, but they're also pricey. This Bluetooth speaker from Bose isn't a lot cheaper, but it's a bit lower-profile and still packs a great sound into the smaller form factor. 

It's also water-resistant, has a 16-hour battery life, and supports both Siri and Google Assistant (if Android is Dad's thing). Since it's Bluetooth only, it's not AirPlay compatible, but it's a breeze to use both in the office and out back by the pool. It can even be mounted on a standard tripod or stand and used to bring a little life to your backyard BBQ. 




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Nomad makes beautiful, well, everything. I'm especially fond of my Apple Watch strap, but for the iPhone, they have quite a collection. The base charging station, hub edition, can charge up to four devices--two wirelessly, and two with USB-A cables plugged in the side. 

It also happens to look great, meaning Dad won't mind having it on his desk or even on the counter. It's pricier than a lot of the single device wireless chargers on the market, but if you don't mind paying for style, this is a great choice.

After all, every dad deserves a little style, right?