Podcasts are exploding. In fact, as many as half of Americans listen to podcasts on a regular basis, so it seemed like it might be time to give you a list of the best creative business podcasts that you should be listening to get inspired.

Since business podcasts are the fastest-growing category of new entries, there's a pretty good chance there are probably a few you had no idea existed. 

With that in mind, here are seven creative business podcasts I recommend you subscribe to right now. 

1. Grammar Girl 

Mignon Fogarty hosts one of the most popular education podcasts, but frankly, it's on this list because grammar is everyone's business (see what I did there?) since how you communicate makes all the difference. Actually, as a creative journey, I like Grammar Girl because it wasn't even Fogarty's first attempt at podcasting. Her first attempt (a science podcast) was sort of a flop, but she bounced back with a second act that turned out to be a hit.

Favorite episode: 211 - Top Ten Grammar Myths

2. Entreleadership 

Dave Ramsey is known as an author and financial-guru, but his team also hosts this podcast with top-notch interviews with pretty big names in business and leadership like Mark Cuban, Simon Sinek, Jim Collins, John Maxwell, and Seth Godin. They cover leadership and entrepreneurship principles that are applicable at every stage of your business.

Favorite episode: Defy the Odds (an interview with an ex-Navy SEAL that doesn't understand the word Quit)

3. The Accidental Creative

Todd Henry hosts this interview-style podcast with a range of business leaders and creatives like Jason Fried and Shark Tank alum Neal Hoffman, as well as practical help on how to be more productive in the creative process. As podcasts go, the episodes are relatively short, which I like because they're super easy to process in short spurts.

Favorite episode: How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone (because we could all use a little help in this area)

4. Pivot

Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway basically break down tech, business, and political news every Friday and help listeners figure out where it all fits. Plus, they're a little snarky, which makes the whole thing a lot of fun, which is refreshing when you're trying to decompress a little while you get caught up on what's happening. 

Favorite episode: Cook vs Facebook vs Consumer Privacy

5. Marketing over Coffee

This one is pretty self-explanatory-- it's a couple of guys, John Wall and Christopher Penn, talking about marketing. It also happens to be really good and they cover a lot of current trends and events, which makes it super practical. 

Favorite episode: Seth Godin - This Is Marketing (an interview with Seth Godin)

6. The Talk Show with John Gruber

There are few people more in tune with what's happening in the tech industry than John Gruber, the creator of the Markdown markup language, and author of the hugely popular tech-centric Daring Fireball blog. The Talk Show is a pretty comprehensive look at the things that he finds interesting and it's a great way to stay connected to the people and companies that are making news in both tech and business. 

Favorite episode: 256 - A Bit Too Thin (talking about the departure of Jony Ive from Apple).

7. Creative Rising 

A relatively new podcast, this one is one of the most authentic looks at building and running a creative business. The host, Erin Youngren, is a photographer, but her down-to-earth transparency about what it really takes to be successful makes this a must-subscribe option for every creative entrepreneur.

Favorite episode: 103 - The Battle of the Creative (a brutally honest look at the 'what if I'm not good enough' challenge that every creative entrepreneur faces)