Apple on Monday unveiled its newest mobile operating system for your iPhone, iOS 13, alongside its new version for your iPad called iPadOS

During the company's annual developer conference, Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president for Software Engineering, said that "nothing is more important than performance," and it appears that Apple has delivered--with faster app launching (2X as fast), faster FaceID (30 percent faster), and features like Dark More and a new Reminders app.

Here are nine of the best things coming to your iPhone in iOS 13:

1. Faster FaceID

Apple says FaceID is 30 percent faster on iOS 13. That may not seem like a big deal until you have to wait to unlock your phone while you're trying to pay with ApplePay, pull up a boarding pass, or send a quick message. I've been using the beta of iPadOS (which is iOS 13 for the iPad), and FaceID is basically instant.

2. New Reminders app

I've already said that I think Reminders is the best app on the iPhone, because of its integration with Siri. Still, the interface was lacking, to say the least. Now, it's been completely redesigned to help you better organize your reminders, and add due dates, and even attachments. 

It also includes integration with Messages, and lets you tag someone in a reminder, which will "remind" you when you are having a conversation with them.

3. Dark Mode

 inline image

You might be tempted to think Dark Mode is simply a gimmick. It's not. Sure, it looks cool, but it's also practical. If you're using an iPhone with an OLED screen (all iPhone X-series except the XR), it'll save you battery life. It's also better for your eyes, and your sleep habits, if you use your phone at night. 

4. Better photo organization

Apple says it's now using on-device machine learning to better curate your photo library and show you the best images. It looks really good, and the company also says the new version automatically eliminates the clutter, which would be super useful if it can hide things like screenshots, or photos of whiteboards that are technically "photos," but are really annoying in the middle of pictures of people and events. 

5. Video editing tools

In addition to being able to rotate videos (thank you!), you can now use the same editing tools and effects that are available for photos to enhance videos. While the iPhone won't be replacing high-end video rigs for professional production any time soon, it's capable of 4K video, which means you can do some serious shooting with the right tools. 

iOS 13 now makes it easier to make quick edits to that footage, which is great for quick YouTube or social media videos.

6. Sign In With Apple

You can now use the sign in with Apple feature to create new accounts in apps and on sites, and your personal information won't be shared. You can even have a random email address sent to the developer that forwards to your real one, giving an extra layer of privacy.

This is clearly a move targeted at the social login features from Facebook and Google, and Apple is making it clear that privacy and convenience aren't mutually exclusive. 

7. Apple Maps

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The updated version of Apple's Maps app has a few major updates including better looking--maps, along with what Apple calls "look around," which is basically its version of Google's Street View. It also now allows you to create collections of favorites, which is something that those of you who travel for work will appreciate. I look forward to being able to tag my favorite places to eat, visit, and get work done, in the cities I frequently visit since I'm terrible at remembering things. 

8. QuickPath typing

You could already use third-party keyboards like SwiftKey to do this, but now Apple has it built into iOS 13. It takes a little getting used to, but drawing your fingers across the letters of the word you want is actually way quicker and, honestly, usually more accurate. I don't know if I'm thankful that my iPhone knows what I want to write, or maybe a little creeped out, but either way, it's an actual time saver. That I can appreciate. 

9. Faster app launch

Apple claims that apps will launch twice as fast in iOS 13. That's great, but honestly, most of the apps on my iPhone XR already launch pretty fast with iOS 12. That said, if iOS 13 can make The Weather Channel app open up in less time than it takes for a thunderstorm to make it half-way across Lake Michigan, that would be awesome.