Thanksgiving is technically over, but it's basically the holiday that never ends with the turkey-induced coma that comes after the big meal or the never-ending shopping deals that seem to start even earlier every year. Of course, if you managed to survive the travel, your family, and the mess that comes with serving dinner to 25 people, there's a good chance you're relieved to be back at work today.

The only problem is, no one really gets any work done on Cyber Monday. In fact, some reports say that productivity drops as much as 40 percent as employees spend their time looking at all of the online deals. Of course, if you work at home, there's no one to remind you to get back to work.

That's what this Cyber Monday Survival Guide is for--to help you actually get work done today despite the draw of saving a few bucks online. 

Turn off Email Notifications

If you want to avoid the Cyber Monday madness, there's really only one good option: turn off all email notifications. The reality is that email is easily the most common way to tell customers about the best deals, so if you want to stay away from temptation, you're gonna have to stay out of your inbox. If you're like me, that means shutting off the endless stream of little red dots and notifications. Otherwise, there's no chance of getting any actual work done. 

Avoid Social Media

Most people would probably get a lot more done in general if they stay away from social media. That's especially true today since everyone's Instagram feed is going to be full of either a) brands telling you what to buy, or b) your friends showing off what they already bought. Unless you want to get nothing else done, stay off social media. 

Put Your Phone on Do-Not-Disturb

Of course, when all of your shopping friends realize they can't reach you on social media, or email, there's a good chance they'll start texting actually calling you. Go ahead and put your phone on Do Not Disturb right now. On your iPhone, it's easy. Just pull down the control center menu and select the "moon" icon. That'll shut off incoming calls and text notifications and sounds.  

Turn on Ad-Blockers

If you're using Chrome, install a good ad-blocker. Of course, you're far better off using a browser like Brave, which automatically blocks ads. On a Mac, Safari does a great job of killing those third-party cookies that track you across sites so they can stick ads in your Facebook News Feed for all the gifts you were searching for on Amazon.

Give Yourself a Time Allowance

Alright, let's be honest. There's a good chance that you'll want to at least check out a few of the deals, especially if you're looking for the perfect gift for someone you love. In the event you do plan to indulge in a few Cyber Monday sales, give yourself a specific amount of time to do it and be firm.

Have a Shopping List and Stick to It

Finally, if you're gonna shop, have a plan. Know who you're shopping for, and what you actually need to cross them off your list. Don't get seduced by discounts that are designed to get you to buy just because it's too good a deal to pass up. Reality check: you'll be okay. You don't actually need it just because it's 70 percent off.

Instead, make yourself a list of who you need to shop for, and do a little research on where to find the best deals for them. Then, once you've finished, get back to work. You've got plenty of things to do.