It's awkward giving your boss feedback, but they probably need it. When I started my first tech company I found myself managing people for the first time in my mid 20's. I assumed I'd be great at it, I wasn't. It took a lot of years and a lot of feedback for me to start addressing my shortcomings. I've since become a convert on the importance of culture for companies of all sizes. Now at my latest tech company Comparably, we aim to make workplace compensation and culture dramatically more transparent.

We surveyed over 3000 employees and asked them "What Does Your Direct Manager Most Need to Improve"; they were given 5 options to chose from: Accountability, Communication, Honesty, Positivity, & Work Ethic. The insights are broken down in the graphic below by: Race, Age, Job Title, Cities, & Gender.

 inline image

A couple fascinating takeaways:

  • Across all segments of race, age, gender & location, Communication was listed as the primary answer by a factor of 2 to 1 over the next closet answer.
  • African Americans compared with Caucasians were twice as likely to say their bosses need to improve their Honesty.
  • Younger employees were more concerned about Work Ethic, Positivity, & Accountability. While older employees were more concerned about Honesty.
  • Surprisingly women & men had very similar responses compared with other surveys we did on the Gender Pay Gap & Negotiations.

The data above was based on an informal questionnaire of registered users on between June 1st - July 31st. While the data is not the result of a scientific study, the response rate is statically significant.