The holidays are a great time to use viable excuses. I can slack off on work because everyone else is checked out for the rest of the year. I can eat that extra cookie because holiday treats are all over the place. I can overspend because it's the time of year to splurge. All of these are great excuses, but they are just that. EXCUSES. 

When everyone else is coasting on fumes through the end of the year, the highly successful are revving up to finish strong. Think about it, a distance runner wouldn't go hard for the majority of a race just to blow his lead in the last stretch. How would we react if our favorite football team stopped playing with passion in the 4th quarter? 

We expect other performers to finish strong, so why do we allow ourselves to lay back at the end of our own 12-month race? Sure, it is just as important to enjoy time with family and friends and appreciate the blessings of the year, but most people go well beyond that. Two or three days off for Christmas turns into two of three weeks of phoning it in. 

How do you resist the allure of the "Holiday Slack-Off," especially when everyone around you is falling prey to it? 

I have my clients chose one thing to focus on ATTACKING through the end of the year. This might be developing relationships with elephant clients, or asking for referrals, or maintaining positive eating habits. Choosing one important thing to focus on throughout the last few weeks of the year will keep your eye on the prize and prevent you from falling behind in other areas, as well. Slacking in one area makes it easier to slack in other areas, but the good news is that over-performing in one area makes it EASIER to over-perform in other areas. 

Follow these 3 steps to avoid the "Holiday Slack-Off" and finish your year on top:

1. Decide on what your one thing to ATTACK should be. Ask yourself, "What is the most important influencer of either my personal or professional success?" 

2. Set a daily process goal to commit to for the remainder of the year. Ask yourself, "What is one thing I can do each day to have a positive effect on the most important influencer of my success."

3. Schedule a time in your calendar to complete your daily process goal and block out distractions during this time. Don't skip this step. 

Do not allow yourself use excuses for not completing your process goals. There will be plenty of potential VIABLE excuses over the next few weeks, but remember, even a good excuse is still an EXCUSE.