Let me start by saying that I love innovation and new apps. I'm usually an early adopter--willing to try any new product or service.

But I haven't spent a second using Meerkat and here's why you shouldn't either...

Right now I'm building multiple businesses. I'm working with developers. I'm working with designers. I'm trying to build communities. I'm trying to deliver a lot of value to the people who follow me on social networks and subscribe to my email list. I'm willing to bet the majority of you are doing similar things.

What I (and you) need to be doing right now is working.

I need to be heads-down focused on my growing to-do lists. Would I love to be Meerkating? Absolutely! I'd love to be streaming live video and deepening relationships with people. However, Meerkat would only provide short term value to me right now. The work I'm doing to grow my multiple businesses will set me up for long term value in the future.

Meerkat seems really cool. It seems like a fun way to connect with people. But when Meerkat gets replaced by the next animal-named-app or when the attention span of the people watching want to go elsewhere, where does all that time you spent on it go? Down the drain.

I think there's definitely a need to be up on new technologies and platforms, but if you don't have all your ducks in a row with your business priorities, then you shouldn't be using Meerkat (or any other distracting social network, app, or tool).

No one wants to get left behind. Everyone wants to use the next cool thing and be the person who found it first. But I've yet to hear a story of someone using a platform first and it creating an explosion of revenue for their business. You know what creates an explosion of revenue? A great product and awesome customer service. If you don't have those two things nailed right now, put down your phone and get to work.