Can you think of the last time you made a purchase online that you did not at least peek at other customer reviews?  It's natural for customers to rely on this kind of unbiased feedback to help guide their buying decisions, but are you taking full advantage of your customer feedback within your office walls?

Here are three fresh ways to help your team and company become better and more attuned to the outside world, simply by looking at your customer feedback in a new way:

#1 Visualize what matters to your team

Our office boasts 140 digital screens, including a wall of four 75-inch digital displays that we call 'The Voice'.  It's a prominently displayed live view of what customers are saying about us on social media, the photos they are sharing using our products and, even, a real time look at what our Social Customer Care team is working on for customers.

We built this wall to display the customer voice in a fresh and very visible way - one that ensures that content that was once locked within our marketing or customer service team is visualized prominently in a highly trafficked space near our service and sales teams.  The more open you are with the stories, successes and feedback from your customers the better your entire company can support you in identifying trends and suggesting their own solutions. 

Consider this kind of display the ultimate conversation starter.  There's nothing that will get a healthy cross-departmental dialogue going than images and quotes directly from the customer writ large on the wall.  If you say that the customer voice matters, SHOW it!

#2 Help your partners grow and hold your vendors accountable

Chances are high that you already have some sort of customer feedback collection process in place.  The real magic happens when you connect the dots across your channels to truly see the picture that your customers are trying to paint for you. 

Our team uses a disposition tool to track the reasons why customers reach out for help - from packaging issues to installation instruction questions - making sure that we collect quantifiable feedback in a way that is useful to share with vendors and business partners (instead of simply passing along anecdotal evidence).  We provide a monthly "report card" to our vendors based on these customer feedback trends and internal associate scoring, providing an actionable view of the ways that we can continuously improve together.

#3 Give better service, build better "stuff"

Your customers have the potential to serve as your very own R&D department - in fact, they're trying to do so every single time they leave you a review or share thoughts with your customer service department.  Our company has developed products and implemented new policies based directly on customer feedback we have received over the years; who better to inform us than our customers? 

With a strategic combination of pre and post-purchase surveys, our rating and reviews program, online brand monitoring and thoughtful customer service reps, we can actively collect feedback throughout the sales funnel to become better and better.

The key to successfully leveraging customer feedback is to have the organizational mindset that views "failure" (ie: a customer service faux pas or a product that just did not hit the mark for a customer) as an exciting opportunity to do better the next time.  We keep our successes and opportunities to improve front and center by shining a light on our customer feedback and the actions we take from it.