The Force is strong at Here, we embrace our inner nerd and recognize and celebrate the things that we enjoy as humans. It's one of our 4 Core Values to "Enjoy the Ride," and we take it seriously.

This week, Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters, and the office is buzzing along with the rest of the world. As of November 20, 2015, the movie had already grossed $50 million in pre-sales a month before opening day[1]. At $10 a ticket, that's 5 million people making advanced ticket purchases.

How many of those ticket buyers work in your company? You're probably surrounded by Star Wars superfans and you don't even know it -- but you should. Driven by the mythos surrounding the franchise, I've found that Star Wars superfans are likely to be driven by many of the Core Values we hold so dearly at those values are likely sought after at your company as well.

Do or Do Not, There Is No Try: Inspired by Yoda's iconic phrase, Star Wars superfans tend to Experiment without the Fear of Failure. They are committed to their interests and pursue them wholeheartedly. They don't worry about someone judging them for their passions. Instead, they commend you for pursuing whatever interests you. If you remove that nagging feeling of "what will others think" that can block you from a new idea or passion, you can try new ideas with less worry. So go ahead and wear that Stormtrooper outfit to opening night- no one will think less of you (we promise!). You are never too old to try something new.

You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned: At, we put in writing, every month, what we're working on to Improve Continuously. Our band of rebels takes this task seriously, and our Continuous Improvement whiteboard fills up within a day of being erased. Whether it's learning Russian, working on a start-up, studying for a test, or adopting a child, we are all working to become better people than we ever thought possible. Superfans are not afraid of trying something new in order to develop their interests, and neither should you!

Don't be a Moisture Farmer: I encourage all of my employees to be like Luke and pursue their passion to become a pilot (or whatever it is they truly want to be). Luke was not afraid to Be Yourself and Speak Up and declare his true passions. Neither are superfans. I encourage you to wear your goals and passions like a badge of honor, and to appreciate genuine excitement in others, even if it does not mimic your own interests.

Emulate Han Solo's Attitude: Learning to Enjoy the Ride, our last Core Value, is an important lesson in living your fullest life. Han is a laid-back kinda guy, but he's tough when he needs to be. Han could enjoy and see the fun in life, and so can superfans. While they may seem easygoing and carefree, they are defensive of their passions and not afraid to speak their mind. Superfans will tell you that having a passion is a strength and not a weakness.

At the Blinds.complex, the leadership regularly holds Quick Chats where employees can sit down with them and have personal conversations. They help to get to know that person and their passion, whether it's running a side business, Legos, Harry Potter...or Star Wars. Breaking down silos is important to employee engagement and building a successful team. Discovering their fandom, and then digging into what those passions could mean, is invaluable when building camaraderie and joint purpose.

And when you have camaraderie and joint purpose, magic like this happens.

May the Force be With You!