Content changes constantly and individuals are finding great new ways to reach out and represent companies and products -- particularly in tech.

Whether they work for a large company or a small start-up, there are some PR people who are disrupting the tech world. Some work for large brands, others run their own agency but the key metrics are access and influence. These 13 people are poised to make the greatest impact because of their skills and contacts. Here are the top young communicators to watch in 2017:

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1. Paul Cafiero

Mashable's PR expert, Paul Cafiero has brought the company, and it's executives, into the limelight. PRWEEK named him to their Innovation 50 list in 2015. Since he joined Mashable, the media company has consistently adapted to the changing landscape. His work should continue to keep Mashable relevant and growing in the future.

2. Jill Hazelbaker

Jill Hazelbaker's tech PR experience includes Google, Snapchat and, most recently, Uber. Hazelbaker took over this month for long-time colleague Rachel Whetstone as Head of Communications. She has the deepest and broadest experience of anyone on this list and also the greatest challenge. Uber has had a rough six months of press about its culture and continually faces challenges/opportunities as they disrupt an entire industry. If anyone can turn it around, it's Hazelbaker. Don't bet against Uber this year.

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3. Mary Camarata

Already a PR rock star, Mary Camarata has spent the past five years building Amazon Web Services into the behemoth it is today. Wherever she goes, success seems to follow. For those looking to get in to the profession, she gave a great interview on navigating the industry. Her approach proves that listening really is key in communications.

4. Chi Hea Cho

Chi Hea Cho did some incredible work with Salesforce since 2010, although she's gotten the most attention for non-tech related PR. But her new gig as Director of Communications, Advertising & Commerce for Google has her poised to lead the industry on the brand side. She joined Google in January to lead communications for a $70B enterprise. It doesn't get any more high-profile than that.

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5. Scott Dobroski

A driving force behind the growing power of Glassdoor, Scott Dobroski has a knack for taking seemingly boring data and making it interesting. There's no doubt he'll continue to keep Glassdoor relevant.

6. Masha Drokova

Famously known as "The Girl Who Kissed Putin," Masha Drokova also boasts an impressive talent for PR. She currently aids global businesses trying to enter the U.S. market, and she's starting to get more and more attention as an angel investor. Guiding European companies and locations, especially in Scandanavia and Eastern Europe, is a rapidly growing business. European companies want to attract US media and European locations are looking to attract US tech startups to move their operations.

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7. Jordan French

The engineer who co-founded Status Labs, Notability Partners and most recently the NASA-backed 3D-food-printing company BeeHex, Jordan French is an expert at all things advertising. Notability Partners, in less than a year, was named #31 in O'Dwyer's best entertainment PR firms. Connected to a number of Millennial influencers, including Gerard Adams, he is helping them enhance their brands and become go-to speakers for their generation.


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8. Marni Greenberg

The growth of Spotify over the past few years can partially be attributed to Marni Greenberg. She's created innovative ways to keep people involved on the music app while connecting it to other businesses. Already one of Business Insider's Top 50 in Tech, Greenberg is now of the most influential communications people in tech.

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9. Danielle Meister Cohen

Danielle Meister Cohen plays a large role in Samsung's North American PR -- including improving the company's image after the disastrous Note 7. Last year PRNews featured her as a rising star in the industry. Her name should pop up more in 2017 as Samsung has started bouncing back with the Galaxy 8.

10. Tina Mulqueen

Tina Mulqueen has been succeeding as a pro in tech PR since before she started Kindred Marketing and as the CMO of publicly traded Grey Cloak Technologies, the influencer-marketing platform provider. Mulqueen's experience includes tech and entertainment, and she's covered events like the Academy Awards. She has great access to celebrity clients and contributes thought-leading pieces to Elite Daily and more to push the industry forward.

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11. Christopher Nulty

While Airbnb has had issues with local laws and other groups, Christopher Nulty has kept Airbnb in a relatively positive light. His work has been instrumental in creating a company culture and attitude that resonates with consumers. Also a member of Business Insider's Top 50 in Tech, Nulty is leading one of the US' most socially responsible companies at a time where that matters more to its customer base more than ever.



12. Camille Salama Chotzen

Camille Salama Chotzen has played a large role in building Zillow's brand while also pushing forward the Zillow company culture. She does a little bit of everything for the company that has dominated its field. She has innovated more than anyone in today's media landscape creating a successful series and podcast for the company.

13. Smita Saran

StubHub has grown to become one of the biggest online marketplaces for event tickets over the past few years, and a lot of that is due to the work of Smita Saran. Now she is doing the same for Netflix as their Senior Manager of Corporate Communications. As Netflix spokesperson, she is out front for one of the fastest growing and most recognizable companies in the world. Expect her impact to increase over the next two years.