Hoping to become a better salesperson? Looking for great sales books to read? You should be. (After all, Mark Cuban says his sales skills are what made him millions.)

Sales skills are important in any profession, even if your job description doesn't include the word "sales." You may need to convince others that your idea makes sense, to show your bosses or investors how a project or business will generate a return, to help your employees understand the benefits of a new process, etc.

In essence, sales skills are communication skills -- and communication skills are critical in any business or career.

The following list of great sales books comes from Mareo McCracken, the revenue leader at Movemedical. (He's one of the few people I follow on LinkedIn, since he often takes an unusual approach to overcoming challenges most of us face.)

Here's Mareo:

You can't get a PhD in sales. At least not a real one. It doesn't matter though; self-education is just as good, cheaper, and usually better.

Over the past eleven years, on average I've read about 60 books per year -- especially sales books. (I bet someone has read more sales books than me; I can't wait to meet them.)

The need for proper training and coaching is real. Hungry professionals crave growth. One of the most common questions I get asked, is: "What should I be reading?" Well that depends... until now. I went through my notes and experience with every book on sales I have ever read and spent hours curating the ultimate self-education course.

Here it is, for free. You're welcome. Share with others.

Process: Spend one week reading, studying, applying, and teaching each book.

Result: After four months you will have the greatest sales education foundation in the world.

These books are listed in order of when they should be read based on setting the proper mindset and then gradually building the skills needed to succeed in sales. Milk before meat. Mindset, then actions, then refinement.

1. The Outward Mindset -- The Arbinger Institute

The ability to see others for who they are changes everything. Every relationship you have in life will get better when you apply the strategies found in this book.

2. The Go-Giver -- Bob Burg, John David Mann

In order to sell well you need to have the right frame of mind. The Go-Giver does that better than any book available.

3. It's Time To Sell -- Chris Spurvey

Achieving your dreams is found by helping others achieve theirs, with the right mindset you can become the best version of yourself while helping others at the same time.

4. New Sales. Simplified -- Mike Weinberg

If you only can read one book on the daily life of a salesperson, read this one. Smart tactics for a changing environment.

5. Fanatical Prospecting -- Jeb Blount

This practical guide gives you real tools with real applications. Once you have the right mindset this book helps you drive the best behaviors.

The title says it all. A complete guide to help turn you from an amateur to a professional.

7. Response Block Selling -- Victor Antonio

Once you have acquired the basic attitude and behaviors this is the first strategy book you need to read. It will create better sales conversations than any other sales book.

If you are not talking with the right person, you can't sell anything. This book helps every sales person learn how to creatively engage the decision maker.

9. The Science of Selling -- David Hoffeld

More than just an art, sales is a science and if we learn how to say the right things at the right time, we can help people make better decisions.

10. The Challenger Customer -- Nick Toman, Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson, Pat Spenner

Once you have mastered interpersonal communication with individuals you need to learn how to sell the complex deal to enterprise organizations. No book helps you sell into major accounts better than this one.

11. How to Say It -- Geoffrey James

Learning to say things in B2B sales in a way that helps buyers buy is vital to everyone's success, this book allows your own voice to become the one that the customer listens to and understands.

12. The Lost Art of Closing -- Anthony Iannarino (publishing August 2017)

No matter how good you are in sales, if the customer doesn't sign the contract they are not a client.

13. Key Account Hack -- Jermaine Edwards

Sales doesn't end with a signed contract, that is the just the formal start to a relationship. This book helps you keep the relationship thriving.

14. The Joshua Principle -- Tony J. Hughes

The role of a sales leader is different than an individual performer. This book helps create the right mindset for sales leaders.

15. Social Selling -- Tim Hughes & Matt Reynolds

Selling is not done through social media. Conversations can be started though. Starting conversations on social media is key to a well-balanced sales approach. This is the best guide for doing that properly.

16. Sales Manager Survival Guide -- David A. Brock

So by now you have been promoted to Sales Manager. How do you do that properly. Follow this book for everything you need to effectively drive performance.

17. Beyond The Sales Process -- Steve Andersen, Dave Stein

This book helps you drive strategy, alignment, and messaging. Once you are in a leadership role you need to be able to help others see the vision, this book helps you capture the value for your customers.

18. Never Split the Difference -- Chris Voss & Tahl Raz

The ultimate book on negotiation from the FBI's lead hostage negotiator. The only one you need to read, ever.

Since thoughts create actions, and learning is done in the mind, reading is your greatest asset. You can teach yourself anything by studying and application. Immerse yourself in the words of the greatest teachers and you will become great yourself. These are the some of the sales books that have changed my life, I hope they will change yours as well.