Want to know about some of the great business books coming out this summer? I get lots of advance copies from publishers and authors, and here are some of my favorites.

If you see any you like, consider pre-ordering instead of waiting until the release date. Pre-orders are extremely important -- sometimes disproportionately so -- to a book's longer-term success. (I know the thousands of pre-orders for my book, The Motivation Myth, definitely helped.)

By Karla Starr (August 14)

I've talked to a lot of incredibly successful people. They all credit luck for at least part of their success, yet when they do, I often think, Wait, that wasn't luck. You put yourself in that position, or You worked hard to build those connections, or You got that break because you refused to quit.

You get the point. Total luck happens sometimes, but more often people get "lucky" because of things they did.

Using a blend of research and cool stories, Karla shows we can all learn to be a little luckier.

And that's a skill anyone can use.

By Srinivas Rao (August 7)

Focusing on what your customers need is obviously important. But if you focus on the needs of too many (audience, partners, suppliers, influencers, etc.), what you create ends up reverting to the mean.

On the other hand, focus on pleasing yourself and not only will you be more productive, you'll be a lot happier. And what you create has a real chance of standing out.

Don't believe me? As Srinivas shares, that's what Oprah, David Bowie, and Michael Bloomberg did.

And maybe you should, too.

By Tien Tzuo (June 5)

Most companies sell products. Smart companies also sell relationships -- and one of the best ways to build a foundation for those relationships is a subscription model. As Tien points out, digital consumers increasingly favor access over ownership.

That's why Adobe shifted from selling software licenses to providing cloud-based software for a monthly fee. (That's how I access Photoshop.) That's why Fender provides online guitar lessons. (And they're great; that's how I'm learning to play guitar.)

So how will you shift your business to a subscription model? 

That's the best part about Subscribed. Tien doesn't just tell you why. He also shows you what to do.

By Shane Snow (June 5)

No one does anything worthwhile on their own. Teams -- great teams -- always accomplish more.

But building, and maintaining, a great team is hard. Tension, conflicting agendas and  personalities, there's a never-ending list of issues that can hold teams back.

Which means, if you read Shane's book, you'll know how to build a team -- or simply work within one -- that actually accomplishes great things.

By Bill Kilday (May 29)

I love books with practical, useful, actionable tips and strategies. 

But sometimes it's fun to just sit back and learn about how other people accomplished something amazing. Learning from the challenges, roadblocks, "dips" (as Seth Godin would call those moments when all seems lost), sometimes that's a great way to gain insights about whatever you're trying to accomplish.

If you've ever wondered how Google Earth, Google Maps, and Pokemon Go were created, Bill will fill you in.

He also looks at how map-based technologies will transform our lives in the future. (And not just through driverless cars.)

Best of all, Never Lost Again is an entertaining and inspiring story of perseverance and determination.

Can't beat that.