I don't need to convince you to start listening to podcasts

But I do want to convince you to give these podcasts a try. (Some are a little off the beaten business podcast path, but in a very good way.)

Hosted by Adam and produced by the TED folks (and Pineapple Street Media and Transmitter Media), WorkLife is the Porsche of podcasts: interviews with people like Susan Cain, Ray Dalio, Trevor Noah, and Celtics coach Brad Stevens, insightful commentary from Adam. They're like mini-documentaries (if all documentaries were fast-paced, entertaining, and engaging.) 

Yet while the production values are exceptional, the focus is on aspects of professional life that apply to almost everyone.

All of which means you'll learn -- about doing better work, and about yourself -- without feeling taught. 

Brian is the co-creator and executive producer of Billions, the best show on television. (And I do say so myself.) But while The Moment does include occasional conversations about show business, the podcast features Brian's deft interviews of people from his extensive Rolodex, like Seth Godin, Jon Bon Jovi, Danny Meyer, John Grisham, and Asia Kate Dillon.

Brian's goal is to discuss the pivotal moments that sparked and fueled incredible careers. If you haven't found yours, this is the show for you.

And if you have, it's also the show for you, because you can learn how to be even more successful -- in whatever way you define success.

The goal of this new podcast by Liz Dolan, the former head of marketing for Nike, Nat Geo, and the Oprah Winfrey Network, and executive recruiter and comedian Matt Ritter is to have thoughtful, in-depth conversations about work subjects you don't often get to talk about, especially with your peers or your boss. 

Like when and how to take risks, knowing when (and when not) to speak up, and knowing how to navigate your first days in a new job.

And if you follow Safe for Work on social media, you can ask the hosts a question -- and possibly appear on the podcast.

Granted this podcast rarely has anything to do with business. But that's OK, because Alec Baldwin is an incredibly good interviewer. While it was a no-brainer to listen to a conversation with Cameron Crowe or Carly Simon or Questlove, I never would have imagined I would enjoy a conversation with the director of the New York Philharmonic, or a documentary filmmaker, or a conservation biologist.

But I did. And so will you.

Stitch Fix. Warby Parker. Dyson. The Knot. Kate Spade. Patagonia. Zumba. Instagram. Southwest Airlines.

Guy Raz talks to the entrepreneurs and innovators behind (seemingly every) well known company, which means it's the perfect show for anyone hoping to start -- or grow -- his or her own business.