Walk into government offices and you'll occasionally see official photos on the wall. Sometimes of the president. Or the governor. Sometimes even a local politician. 

Clearly the photo is meant to inspire. To encourage. To serve as a reminder of authority and leadership.

But if Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has his way, his portrait will never appear on the wall of any office.

His reasoning is simple. Make decisions with the people you care about in mind, and those decisions are likely to be good ones. You'll act in ways that will make them proud. You'll react in ways they would approve. You're much more likely to be -- in words and deeds -- the person you wish to be.

Because then your decisions will transcend lesser considerations like selfishness or expediency.

Like when the U.S. government offered to evacuate Zelensky from Kyiv. "The fight is here," Zelensky responded. "I need ammo, not a ride."

Like when the Kremlin offered justifications on the eve of their invasion. Instead of speaking like a politician, Zelensky responded like a person. "You've been told I'm going to bomb [the region of] Donbass," he said. "Bomb what? The stadium where me and the local guys cheered for our team at Euro 2012? The bar where we drank when they lost? Luhansk, where my best friend's mom lives?"

Granted, you're unlikely to have a politician's photo on your wall. Or a photo of entrepreneurial icons like Cuban, Buffett, Branson, or Bezos. But you may have photos or images intended to inspire. The vacation you someday hope to take. The car you someday hope to buy. Images of outcomes intended to motivate and inspire.

Which, if that works for you, is great.

But consider putting -- or moving -- a photo of a person or persons you love in a place you can't miss. On your desk. Beside your monitor. On the wall directly in front of you. 

Use that photo to inform your decisions. Ask yourself if that person or persons would be proud of what you say. If they would be proud of what you do. If they would be proud of the type of person your actions reveal you to be.

Use that photo to remind you not of what you wish to have, but of the person you wish to be. 

Do that, and you'll almost always make the right decision.

Because you'll be making it for the right reasons.