Morning routines are incredibly important. For example, working out for 20 minutes before you start your day will improve your mood for up to 12 hours. Working on your most important task before you move on to less critical tasks will make you more productive for the rest of the day. Some even claim that the right morning routine can save you 20 hours a week.

But there's one thing most advice about morning routines leaves out: You actually have to get up and get going on whatever morning routine you adopt.

Enter the folks at NASA.

Opportunity, the rover NASA landed on Mars to study, um, all things Martian--yep, science is not my friend--has been in hibernation since early June after a 15-million-mile-wide dust storm completely blocked out the sun. (The rover is designed to go to sleep and then power itself back up once it detects sufficient solar power.)

Earlier this month, NASA decided to jump-start the process by beaming a different wake-up song to the rover every day. The first was Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go," a catchy little tune that, if we're free-associating, makes me first think of too-short shorts.

Of course, unlike us, the rover doesn't need a wake-up song. It's just waiting for the sun to come up. But that doesn't mean the folks at NASA can't have a little fun while they wait.

And possibly help you kick-start your morning.

Since NASA created a Spotify playlist, just for fun--and with the permission of my wife--I decided to give it a try. On day one (today) I set "Wake Me Up" as my alarm and listened to the whole song.

I have to admit the combination of repeated "Jitterbug"s and finger-snaps did not ease me smoothly from sleep. In fact, it kinda pissed me off.

But then: George Michael to the rescue. I'm not a pop music fan and, given a choice, avoid pop...but George's talent was undeniable. (You don't have to like something to appreciate it.)

And so far, NASA is batting 1.000.

Tomorrow's alarm clock song should be good, too. After all: Iron Maiden!

Wednesday will be "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas, which makes sense considering the Martian-theme...but I prefer "Miracles Out of Nowhere," a song that also fits and includes a soul-stirring guitar solo. Tell me this doesn't get you going; it's cued to just before criminally-underrated guitarist Kerry Livgren does his thing.

But then again, surely NASA knows better. They're some of the smartest people on the planet and I'm...well, I'm me. 

So if you want to kick-start your morning, give NASA's playlist a try.  

And if you aren't a Spotify user, no problem. Here's the list of songs played or in the hopper: