Over the last three months, researchers at Morning Consult surveyed over 336,000 people to determine to what extent politics has impacted broader culture -- especially where brands are concerned. 

After all, some brands have decided to take bold stands. Others found themselves mired in controversy. And even though in theory a person's opinion of a hotel should be based on its value proposition, quality of service, etc, and not on its perceived or actual political position... that's not how brand perception works.

Unsurprisingly, the Trump Hotels brand was the most politically divisive with a 78-point spread between Republicans and Democrats.

Other brands with the greatest difference in net favorability? Again, no surprises: Media firms like CNN, Fox News, and The New York Times, as well as companies that have recently found themselves in sticky PR situations like Papa John's.

But what might surprise you are the companies ranked as least favorite by political party.

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Democrats don't like Trump Hotels and Fox News. Republicans, and to a lesser extent independents, don't like the NFL -- which makes sense since the surveys were conducted during the middle of the anthem protests -- and CNN. 

But one thing all parties, including independents, seem to agree on is that they don't like Diet Pepsi. (And no one seems to like Diet Mtn. Dew, another PepsiCo product.)

Possibly that's due to the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad that was quickly pulled for appearing to to trivialize protests for social justice causes. 

Remember that ad? I do. Vaguely. It ran in April, six months before the survey was conducted -- which in Internet years is like sixty months. 

So it's hard to imagine that is the reason disliking the Diet Pepsi brand is the one thing that most people can agree on, regardless of political affiliation.

If you were in charge of the Diet Pepsi brand, what would you do? Take a stand that might make Republicans respond favorably? Or Democrats?

Although it's no fun when everyone dislikes you... it does give you the freedom to take chances other brands might not.