On Sunday the Seahawks beat the Patriots 31-24 in what some feel may have been a preview of this year's Super Bowl.

That may only partly make Seahawks linebacker Cassius Marsh feel better since his "Magic: The Gathering" card collection was stolen last week.

No big deal, you say? Marsh's cards are estimated to be worth between $20,000 and $25,000.

So of course he wants them back.

Fox Sports reported that the cards were in a backpack in the back seat of Marsh's car; thieves smashed a window to get to them. And in case you think it's odd that a football player cares that much about his card collection, think again.

To Marsh it seems clear that what other people think -- especially people he doesn't even know -- doesn't matter much to him. By going on Twitter to ask for the collection's return -- and by saying on Twitter that aside from "god family and football, my magic card collection is everything" -- clearly what other people might think is important or possibly in this case "manly" doesn't matter at all to him.

And what other people think shouldn't matter that much to any of us, either.

Instead, embrace your hopes. Embrace your dreams. Pursue your goals, no matter what they might be. Be who you want to be, not who you think you should be.

Then surround yourself with people who support and care not for the "you" they want you to be, but for the real you.

It's your life. Live it your way.

And support the people who do the same.