Finding new ways to look at the same problems is what often sets great entrepreneurs apart; Tim Ferriss is a perfect example. But how do you develop the ability to see--and act on--what other people don't?

Ferriss was just appointed to the Scribd Author Advisory Council and put together a reading list designed to help inspire entrepreneurs to build their brands from the ground up. (By the way: New users get a free 30-day trial when they join Scribd.)

Here are Tim's five choices for books every entrepreneur should read:

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

Short, hilarious, and profoundly practical. I've reread these 40 lessons dozens of times. Derek is a philosopher-king among startup contrarians, and he knows how to get what he wants, however odd. I love this guy.

Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

This book was recommended to me by a PhD neuroscientist and is what finally helped me tame anger, one of my most destructive (and persistent) emotions. It's easy to aim for "successful" and be miserable. This book is the antidote.

Scott, the creator of Dilbert, has an incredible approach to "career planning" that's as effective as it is unusual. He's beaten all the odds and can help you do the same.

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

I tend to isolate myself, often at the worst times possible. Amanda helped me to learn to ask friends and family for help. It was a game changer.

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace

No matter your circumstances, storytelling and creativity are two "meta-skills" that can take your business and life to the next level. Ed is a master.