Looking for podcasts to help you finally start a business? Looking for a podcast that will help you finally start your own side hustle?

Look no farther.

The following list comes from Preston Lee, the founder of Millo.co, a resource hub featuring content, courses and podcasts for freelancers and side hustlers. (He's also one of the three hosts on Sidegig, a podcast produced by Millo.)

Here's Preston:

Does it seem like everyone you know has some sort of side-hustle? A job--big or small--that they are tinkering away with on the side of their 9-5 day job?

That may be because, according to a recent study, over 44 million Americans claim to have a side-hustle.

And the trend isn't just flourishing in the United States. Millions of people around the world are learning the truth: having your own side-hustle gives you greater confidence, less dependency on your day job, more flexibility and freedom through extra income, and a hobby that (more than) pays for itself.

And with so many people taking the leap into starting their own side-hustle, it's only natural that a smaller group of very talented folks are documenting this movement through podcasts.

Below, I've curated a list of 9 side-hustle podcasts to take your business to the next level (or to finally get started) this upcoming year.

If you're ready to start making some extra income on the side, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and enjoy the freedom and adrenaline rush a side-hustle can provide, then add these shows to your listening queue and enjoy the ride.

First on the list--for obvious reasons--is a podcast that has become ubiquitous with side-hustling: Nick Loper's The Side Hustle Show.

Nearly every episode, Nick interviews a fascinating guest who has started or scaled their own solo business. What makes Nick's show so great? He asks all the right questions to ensure you, the listener, get tons of actionable advice for pursuing and growing your own side-hustle.

One episode I recommend from Nick's podcast is:

From $30k a Year to $30k in a Day, with Vincent Pugliese

The Side Hustle Project is hosted by talented solopreneur, Ryan Robinson. In each episode, Ryan interviews successful solopreneurs or small teams to learn how they started and grew their successful side businesses.

What makes this show so great is not only the excellent audio quality and fast-paced nature of the questions, but also Ryan's ability to explore the nitty gritty details behind what it takes to start and grow a profitable side hustle.

One episode I recommend from Ryan's podcast is:

From Side Hustle to Making $20,000/mo Blogging with Husband & Wife, Grace and Silas

Unlike the previous two shows which focus more on interviews with side-hustlers, the Sidegig podcast is a three-person talk-show podcast between Ryan, Ian, and Preston (that's me)--which means Sidegig offers a unique perspective on side-hustling.

The three hosts swap stories, share tips, and explore the world of building a side-hustle in a raw, unfiltered, open way-- which is exactly what you need when you're starting your own business on the side. Each episode is packed with actionable advice and real-life solutions to the problems you'll face when starting, growing, or scaling your side business.

One episode I recommend of this podcast is:

Our top 31 tools for growing a successful side-business

Side Hustle Pro is hosted by Nicaila Matthews, a Senior Manager of Social Marketing for NPR by day, Chief Side Hustler by night.

Nicaila's show features interviews with black women entrepreneurs who developed their businesses while working a full-time job and provides actionable strategies to start small and get going--wherever and whoever you are.

One episode I recommend from Nicaila's podcast is:

How Lisa Price Turned Her Side Hustle Into A Multimillion Dollar Business

5. Side Hustle School

At the beginning of 2017, one of my personal favorite authors, Chris Guillebeau, embarked on a podcasting challenge that has really just become a gift to all of us: to tell one story per day of someone succeeding at a side-hustle.

Chris's show, Side Hustle School, is for everyone who works a regular job and wants to start an income-earning project on the side. In each episode, you'll hear a different story of someone who's started a side hustle--along with what went well, how that person overcame challenges, and what happened as a result.

One episode I recommend from Chris's podcast is:

Homemade Gin Kit Sells 75,000 units

Another of my personal favorite podcasts is The Fizzle Show published by the guys behind Fizzle--a company with a mission to support freelancers, side-hustlers, and solopreneurs.

While the Fizzle Show doesn't exclusively focus on side-hustling like some of the shows above, I personally used a ton of content from this show to take my own side business full-time earlier this year.

The best part of this show is that it's incredibly entertaining. They seem to pack in an insane amount of advice, tips, tricks, and hacks for solopreneurs--all while keeping it light, fun, and adventurous.

One episode I recommend from this podcast is:

How Much Money Should I Have Saved Up Before I Quit My Job?

Don't Keep Your Day Job is hosted by the entertaining and talented Cathy Heller, who has eye-opening conversations with side-hustlers and entrepreneurs from a wide range of diverse industries.

What I enjoy most about this show is that Cathy doesn't just focus on internet entrepreneurs and digital tactics, she explores what bakers, songwriters, comedians, photographers, animators, and more all have done to leave their 9-5 job behind.

If you're ready to finally own who you are and make things happen, then Being Boss--hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon--is the show for you.

They believe in building a business you love, making bank, and being unapologetically who you are 100% of the time--which translates into an incredible podcast!

One episode I recommend from Emily and Kathleen's show is:

How to devote time to your side-hustle

On each episode of the Girl Boss Radio, show host Sophia interviews boundary-pushing women who've made their mark in business.

What I love about this show are the entertaining co-hosts and real, vulnerable, honest conversations with women who are building the life and business they want.

One episode I recommend from Sophia's show is:

How A Beauty Mogul Who Started Out In Her Kitchen Got Acquired By L'Oreal

The truth is, these are just 9 of the hundreds of shows you can listen to in order to take your side-hustle to the next level.

No doubt, with a massive shift in how the world thinks about work, business, and life, we're likely to see lots more shows crop up over the coming years as well.

For now, these shows will give you plenty to think about--and act on.

Now's the time. Join me and millions of other side-hustlers around the world by listening and taking action on the podcasts listed above.