Businesses that hold live events -- sports, music, theater, etc. -- do their best to control things within their control, knowing there are definitely things they can't control.

Like weather. Or traffic. Or fan behavior.

Or kangaroos.

Yep: Kangaroos.

On Saturday, a kangaroo decide to take the field during a soccer match between Canberra FC and Belconnen United FC, two Australian semi-professional women's soccer teams.

He bounded along the grandstand, jumped a fence (extremely gracefully), lounged for a bit in front of goal, and tried his hand at goalkeeping (a lot less gracefully.)

Then he wandered off behind a building.

But then he returned, storming back onto the field to make a nice run from the back line, and across the mid-field before racing towards goal. 

Finally a truck tried to coax him off the field... so he decided to leap the fence and beat post-match traffic.

Is there a big lesson here? Nah. It's Sunday.

But then again -- the next time you run "what if?" scenarios to create plans for when things outside your control might take place, don't feel too bad.

At least you don't have to create contingency plans for dealing with a kangaroo who might know there's a time and place for everything... but clearly found neither.

Published on: Jun 24, 2018
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