Every business, big or small, has one goal: to serve their customers to the best of their ability. The conduit through which most employers do that is their employees, and in today's world, attracting top talent has become as important as delivering the best experience to your customers. With 90% of young adults age 18-29 using social media, and many calling it their preferred form of contact with potential employers, having interesting, desirable content about your workplace on various social platforms is one key way to shape the way people see your business, beyond marketing and attracting new clientele.

It's more than selling your products

Companies with a diverse workforce of happy, engaged employees are more likely to see benefits to the bottom line, and attracting talented job candidates starts on social media. By providing rich content that showcases your company as a competitive employer to future candidates, you can shape the way they see your business and provide a window into the company culture that is becoming more of a consideration for today's job seeker.

Is your business visually stunning, with an adaptable, open space filled with biophilic design elements that get your employees closer to nature? Show future applicants pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If it's part of a greater building design that qualifies your company for the WELL Building Standard certification, which designates businesses that consider the health and well being of their employees of utmost importance, share it far and wide. People who see that social media content will know up front that working for you comes with a management team that puts their employees first. It shows how much you value your current employees and instantly tells others that working for you is wise.

Perhaps you're proud of company culture you've cultivated over the life of your business. Give willing employees the opportunity to be ambassadors for your company for a week, where they're able to write a blog post for the company website that describes their favorite thing about working for your business. Maybe they'll discuss how close they are with their team members, or how proud they are to be part of an organization that is environmentally conscious.

By opening your company up to a firsthand account of the benefits of working there--above and beyond the standard benefits packages--you're not only giving current employees the chance to say why they're satisfied with their position, but you're allowing a glimpse past the recruiting poster for future workers. If you regularly publish such content on LinkedIn, the pool of applying candidates is sure to grow.

Is there a Third Place on your campus, the place that's not the office or home, like a coffee shop or café, where people go to find a relaxing, less structured atmosphere to work? Such places can inspire creativity without the constraints of office walls while still having the convenience of access to your company's technology. Future workers might appreciate that attention to detail, where they don't necessarily sit in the same chair for eight hours a day and have the freedom to move about for conversation and socialization with other employees. They'll recognize a company that gives such freedom in the interest of catering to the best work environment for their employees, and they won't be able to send in their cover letter and resume fast enough.

A glimpse behind the curtain

Not only can you use social media to showcase your office space itself and detail daily examples of your company culture, but you can spotlight your management as well.

Let's be honest, the management team of your business is a major piece of your workplace puzzle, the foundation on which your employees rely to get the job done. They aren't only responsible for the direction your company goes in as far as sales and profitability. They also shape the atmosphere in their various departments. They've worked hard to get where they are, so why not give them a voice? Introduce them to the future candidates via social media by extolling the work they do. This public recognition also serves as a reward for the employee and manager who has exceeded expectation in their position.

Future candidates not only see the company as a desirable place to work, they see the people as an asset, both inspiring to work for as well as rewarded for the work they do. Such appreciation and recognition goes a long way in fostering a sense of purpose and satisfaction for your existing work force, and potential candidates see that. They'll express their interest by submitting their references to become part of your team.

Today's workforce spends a large portion of their time online, conducting research into what will make their lives better, catching up with friends, and keeping up with the news and the pulse of society. Social media has become the largest water cooler in existence. Smart employers are putting that human connection to purposeful use, recognizing the great potential to propel their business forward through talent acquisition like never before. There are so many unique platforms to put your content in front of your target audience, it goes beyond marketing as good business sense. In terms of recruiting, it's good people sense.