As an executive, you shouldn't have to talk yourself into taking time off. Yes, your company leans heavily on your leadership, but if you've captained the ship effectively, it should hold its course without you while you take much-needed time to recharge.

In fact, many of today's most effective CEOs are so because they make it a priority to seek out adventure, relaxation, or simply time away from the hustle. Because getting away from the daily grind can be such a positive for your personal health as well as the health of your organization, breathing oxygen into both, why not make the most of your trip by going to destinations that have everything you want?

If your travel itinerary is still blank this year, maybe it's time to add a few of these hot spots to your vacation bucket list. And if you don't know where to go, maybe you can take a cue from some of these successful CEOs whose interests are as varied as the pages of SkyMall.

I love the fact that one of my favorite destinations is within driving -- or riding -- distance of my house. When I go to Sedona, Arizona with my wife, we usually take the Harley to take in the full experience and the beauty of the landscape. Hiking West Fork or the Boynton Canyon area gives us the best views, and I even enjoy the downtown shopping and, of course, the famous Pink Jeep tours through the red rocks.

You also can't go wrong with most places in Hawaii. I prefer Kauai, Maui and the Big Island, in that order, and we'll usually rent a Harley to cruise around. The Napoli Coast is the most beautiful hike in the world, and we love to take the drive to Heavenly Hana and Volcano National Park as well. An ideal vacation for any CEO would include a hike, golf at the Prince, a walk around the botanical gardens, snorkeling, and eating fish and drinking Chi Chi's by the beach.

It's not always about an escape from the hustle, which is why I love everything the Bay Area has to offer. There's so much to see and do that it becomes a completely different type of stimulation for the mind, which is great even on vacation. But there's also the mix of tranquility with the bay, the views, Sausalito and wine country just a short drive away.

My favorite destination when I really need to get away and recharge is France. Nothing is better than a lazy summer lunch in the Provence region of Luberon with friends, sunshine, great food, and a glass of rosé wine.

I love the relaxed pace, the natural beauty, the history, the food from the local markets and restaurants, the wine and the beauty of the villages. In fact, six of the officially designated 'Most Beautiful Villages' in France are in this valley.

Rocky Point, Mexico. No cell phones, no connection to social media, just an opportunity to get away from it all and truly refresh the mind and soul.

My go-to's these days for quick getaways are Cabo San Lucas and Maui. I might choose differently for longer trips, but for short breaks from the norm and to refresh, I prefer someplace mellow with a beach. The ocean recharges me and in both places, I get the opportunity to practice sports I really like -- flyboarding, fishing, boating, freediving or spearfishing.

When I travel to these spots, I stay reachable, which actually helps me feel less stressed. I've learned to be good at setting expectations, though.

My team likes when I'm out because they can step up and run the company. I love it because it lets me see who can spread their wings when given the opportunity.

I love Encinitas, California. It's one of the last old-school beach towns and has great owner-operated restaurants and retail.

Plus, the beaches are great and never crowded. I recharge there by surfing, surfing and more surfing.