The problem with most routines? Adoption. And, well, time. Oh also, interest. Okay, there are a few problems with "do better, be better" routines -- chronicled eloquently by Marina Koren in The Atlantic.

What if, however, your routine is something you're already doing? There might be a few pieces missing, mind you, but the structure is there -- the motions are there. It's just a matter of making a few tweaks and seeing the ripple effects in the day-to-day.

This is likely music to the ears of many harried business leaders whose days are dictated by meetings and to-dos without much room for the upheaval of a new routine.

That's why I zeroed in on a routine that leans on activities I'm already doing -- basic things, really. I call it the "EDM Routine." Here's how it breaks down:

  • Eat. We all make time to eat during the day. The question is, what are we eating? I have a habit of eating sugar for breakfast, carbs for lunch, and a pick-at-the-fridge dinner. So, I made some fairly easy changes.

As reports have shown, protein is key in the AM (it fuels alertness and brain activity), so I switched my over-sweet muffin to yogurt and berries. It was just a matter of changing my order at the coffee shop. Lunch -- often nabbed on the go -- was an easy pivot to salads and dinner is still a pick-at-the-fridge exercise, but I've started stocking more fresh veggies and lean meats so my picking is healthier.

  • Drink. This might sound familiar: Coffee, coffee, coffee. Happy hour. Wine with dinner. Sleep. Maybe that's not every day, but it's not uncommon, right? You fuel in the morning with caffeine, relax with alcohol, often forget to drink water, and crash exhausted before you can rectify the imbalance.

For me, making a change to my drink regimen is a matter of making good liquids eminently accessible. I still drink morning coffee, but I put a bottle of water next to it so I know to drink water as I caffeinate. In fact, I stuff water bottles everywhere now -- in my work bag, my office drawers, my fridge, even my bedroom. If it's there, I can easily grab a drink. And when I sit down to happy hour dinner? I start with a glass of water -- often, I never get to the booze.

  • Move. Another one of those "must dos" in our daily lives, movement rolls us from one task to the task. If you're working in an office these days, movement is likely a bigger part of your routine. But even if you're not, there are ways to maximize its impact.

For instance, when you roll out of bed in the morning, don't just lumber over to the sink to wash up. Take 30 seconds to stretch -- touch your toes, then stand up tall and reach to the sky, slowly arcing left and right. This gets the blood flowing.

Throughout the day, make a point to walk. Need to print something? Have it printed on the printer furthest from your office and take a walk to get it. Pause between meetings to go get the mail. Take the dog for an extra walk. Take a walking work meeting on your phone. Get a desk elliptical you can use while typing notes. Find ways to pair tasks or meetings with movement.

I'll reiterate: the "EDM Routine" is no silver bullet. But I think we need to be realistic about routines that are leaps and bounds from the status quo. Let's start small and lean on what we're already doing. You'll be amazed how much these easy changes in diet, drink, and activity will boost energy and productivity in the long run.