Drones have really taken off in recent years--in more ways than one.

You've heard of Amazon testing the use of drones in delivering packages. Drones have also been used for environmental conservation, real estate photography, surveying dangerous areas, and various agricultural uses. But what about using the tech to spot violence? Yep, that's definitely a thing.

The Verge reported recently that A.I. is being used to automate drone surveillance in a way that can detect violence in crowds. Reactions are mixed because of the possible ways this technology could go awry, but that's not stopping entrepreneurs from embracing the technology. 

Here are some of the more novel ways businesses are employing drones:

1. Far Out Nuptials 

It's your special day, and everyone is there: your family, your friends, and a drone? For some, drones are the newest addition to the wedding party, taking the place of a professional wedding photographer. When this trend started, drones were still more commonly associated with war than commercial use, but that was quickly overlooked because of the device's ability to capture unparalleled wedding-day shots. Now, there are entire companies geared toward drone wedding photography, and people are buying into it.

2. Spray-On Graffiti  

Could the next Banksy be a drone? It's not out of the realm of possibility. An Italian innovation firm, Carlo Ratti Associati, launched a project last year that regulates several spray-painting drones to create street art. That isn't the first time we've seen drones foray into the art world, as in 2015 a drone was used to graffiti a billboard of Kendall Jenner's face. Who knows, maybe one day drone art will even have a place in MoMA. 

3. Food on the Fly

Food delivery is one of the more talked about occupations of the drone. Companies like Chipotle and Domino's have tested drone delivery and wowed crowds with this futuristic service--flying pizzas and burritos, what's not to love? Earlier this year, Uber Eats  announced that it would be running an aerial food delivery trial program in San Diego. 

4. Paparazzi Proposals

Not only are drones being used to record weddings, but they're often the ones to get the ball rolling, with many people choosing drones to help them pop the question. One company based in the U.K., DronesDirect, offers a wedding proposal package that delivers the ring to a predetermined spot and films the event in HD 4K video. While most rely on the automated wing man simply to capture their magical moment on camera, a number of people have put a little too much faith in their drones. Unfortunately, the tears that follow aren't always happy, as drones have mistakenly dropped off engagement rings in the wrong places. 

5. Wise Winemaking

Your new boozy best friend: the drone. Vineyards are experimenting with drones to help improve the quality of grapes and wine, a proposition that you can't really say no to. Coupled with software, drones are able to test for diseases, yield, and many other agricultural characteristics that humans can't catch to the same extent. The result is a higher quality wine product, say practitioners.