These companies are predicted to turn ripples into waves in 2018.

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal highlighted 25 startups on its list of technology companies to watch this year and beyond. Comprised only of ventures founded since the start of 2013, it's no surprise that more than half of the identified startups are making headway in the recently booming industries of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and blockchain

Here are the top 10 companies that have captivated investors, expanded operations, and engaged the tech community in recent years.  

1. Bitglass 

cybersecurity provider that protects against risks that may come with the use of cloud-based applications, ensuring data security and regulatory compliance. This startup out of Campbell, California has received over $80 million in funding since its 2013 debut. 

2. Blockstream 

Blockstream develops technology to secure and streamline the transfer of Bitcoin--and investors have thrown in $77.5 million to help its cause. One of the Montreal-based company's innovations, Sidechain, offers more flexibility in Bitcoin exchanges. 

3. Andela

Andela is a New York City-based company that hires software engineers in Africa to work remotely in mostly U.S. companies--aiming to tap into an overlooked talent pool. With over 1,000 employees, $78 million in funding, and the support of big name philanthropy organizations run by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, Andela is quickly gaining traction. 

4. Virta Health 

A new approach to combating Type 2 diabetes that uses data science and machine learning, Virta has gained $75 million in support from investors since it started in 2014. The San Francisco health tech firm offers remote and continuous care that forms part of a personalized treatment plan. 

5. Eero 

Instead of using a single router, this Wi-Fi system uses multiple units to fill in dead spots around the home. Operating out of San Francisco, this company's approach to providing reliable Wi-Fi has pulled $90 million in venture funding. 

6. R3

A blockchain built for enterprises, New York City-based R3 enables parties to transact directly. It was designed to operate complex transactions within finance and secure data during transactions. After a strong start in 2015, the company boasts $107 in funding.

7. Spoke 

Created only two years ago, this San Francisco-based automated help desk assistant is built to ease and organize responding to workplace requests. It's a chatbot that uses AI to automatically respond to questions from multiple platforms: Slack, e-mail, text, and the web. With $28 million in funding, it seems that Spoke is really speaking to investors. 

8. Exabeam 

Another inhabitant of the Golden State, Exabeam--located in San Mateo, California--makes a cybersecurity system that logs and analyzes data to find risky behavior. Exabeam has partnered with companies like Hulu in the past, and boasts $65 million in funding.

9. SparkCognition 

SparkCognition has developed a technology that helps companies operate more efficiently by analyzing data through machine learning. Designed for companies in industries such as energy, defense, and finance, it helps make decisions about work flows, costs, and aids with administration and maintenance. Hailing from Austin, Texas, the company is gaining influence through partnerships with the likes of Google Cloud, IBM and National Instruments, and has raised $73.5 million in funding. 

10. Stash Financial 

The New York City-based fintech company aims to increase the accessibility of investing. It allows micro-investments--as low as $5--while offering to help pick investment strategies and build users' portfolios. The program also provides tips, and lets users to make regular, commission-free investments. It charges a $1 monthly fee for accounts with small balances. Investors have pumped more than $116 million into Stash.