Would you like a side of fries with that summit?

Local businesses and international brands alike are rolling out products in honor of the landmark meeting between President Donald Trump and North-Korean leader Kim Jong-un that will take place in Singapore on Tuesday. From world peace burgers to Trump-Kim bromance cocktails, businesses are trying everything and anything to capitalize off the summit's buzz. 

Although the majority of the efforts to commercialize this political event have stemmed from Singaporean businesses, U.S. companies have also sprung into action in recent days. KFC Singapore released the "Four Peace" nuggets, a meal available exclusively for Kim and Trump, while Twitter created an emoji for the event that depicts the two leaders either high-fiving or praying. 

Naturally, the real action is in Singapore. There, local businesses are offering playful Trump-Kim themed summit items, such as Wolf Burger's Burger For World Peace. This limited edition burger was announced with an open invitation to the two world leaders, encouraging them to #settlethebeef. Whether or not Trump and Kim decide to talk it out over the classic American dish with a Korean twist, the burger will be available for public enjoyment until June 17.

Alternatively, the Royal Plaza on Scotts is serving a Trump-Kim Burger through June 15 that can be washed down by a Summit Iced Tea. The five-star restaurant reported that people from all around the world have expressed interest in the product.

Bars are also selling exclusive drinks dedicated to the world leaders. "The Bromance" is a pair of cocktails adorned with stickers of Trump and Kim puckering up for a kiss, available at HopHeads, a local bar. Made with diet coke--Trump's favorite beverage--beer, tequila and soju, the specialty is only available in pairs. 

Another local business, Escobar, is also supplying summit-themed drinks, including shots and two special cocktails: "Trump" and "Kim." One is a bourbon-based red drink for the American leader, and the other is blue and made with soju. The cocktails may differ in color but use equal portions of alcohol to avoid debate over which is stronger. According to Reuters, these themed drinks have boosted business for the gastropub, and the owner is considering making them a permanent menu item.

It's not just food and beverage spin-offs that companies are creating to commemorate the historic meeting. Mothership Singapore wrote on Facebook that it would also be "cashing in on the Trump-Kim summit." The Singaporean media company is selling a "Send Nukes" T-Shirt that features a cartoon of Trump and Kim texting, asking each other to send "nukes."

One tech startup, Vybes, hired impersonators of the two leaders to help promote its app. At an event in Singapore over the weekend, Vybes asked people to download the app in return for a selfie with faux Trump and Kim. The director of Marketing told CNBC that thousands of users downloaded the app on Saturday and over 500 selfies were sold in three hours. 

Published on: Jun 12, 2018