Video Transcript

00:12 Jen Rubio: I think it's really important to keep social media visual and that doesn't always mean just posting product photos. It's not super interesting to people to see the same photo or the same type of photo over and over in their feed. So for Pinterest, what Warby Parker does is we'll take a product and we'll create a lifestyle around it and post images around that lifestyle. So, it's about going above and beyond what you're selling or what you're trying to push and really trying to create an aesthetic around it. And this also means going beyond using platforms for what you think they're meant for. So, people don't really think of Twitter as a very visual or aesthetic social platform, but one of the most successful things that Warby Parker does on Twitter is reply to people a handful of times every day with video responses.

00:59 Rubio: People have a lot of questions about the color or the size and the shape, and instead of just responding to them with a tweet, we'll create a video that shows them the difference between two frames, or we'll have somebody in the office wondering what this color frame looks like on someone with blond hair, so we'll have one of our employees with blond hair create a video wearing that frame. And we've gotten a really great response to that. Keeping things visual keeps people really engaged and creates great content with little to no time or money.

Published on: Nov 2, 2012