Ever since Tom Cruise did the "Hippy Hippy Shakes" in "Cocktail," people have been longing to live out their bartending fantasies. But achieving the perfect cocktail isn't as easy at it looks on the silver screen, and measuring out the various ingredients can be cumbersome and often result in a futile attempt at the art of mixology. The creators of Bernooli are hoping to change that by making the in-home cocktail experience both accessible and fun with the launch of its smart craft cocktail system. "We want to drive a shift of consumption in-home from beer and wine to spirits and cocktails" said Colin Matthews, founder and CEO, Bernooli.

The last decade has been what many consider the golden age of cocktails. Creativity has been sweeping through bars across the country with fresh twists on classic cocktails. Sales for distilled spirits have climbed to nearly $70 billion in the U.S. And this enthusiasm for mixology has ushered in a wave of tools and services like recipe apps, on-demand liquor delivery and home cocktail making machines. But Matthews couldn't find any service that combined all of those segments, so at the end of 2014 he started Bernooli.

At the crux of the Bernooli system is its patent-pending bluetooth smart spouts, which can be affixed to any bottle. With the mobile app's digital bar you can pair the spouts and catalog the contents of your home bar. When you are ready to make a drink, choose a recipe from the Bernooli app and the spouts on the ingredients required to make it will light up. As you pour, the spout will auto-measure the correct proportions for each element as called for in the recipe, ensuring that you achieve a consistent cocktail experience. (See Bernooli in action here.)

While a number of other machines have come onto the marketplace to also ease the burden of making fancy concoctions at home, companies like Bartesian and Somabar have adopted a Keurig-like technology that takes the cocktail making out of the user's hands. But for Bernooli's part it wanted maintain the visceral experience of cocktail making. "Bernooli has been very deliberate in working to preserve the hands-on craft and fun of stirring, shaking and serving cocktails. Craft cocktails are an art form and should not be reduced to a push button contraption, " said Matthews.

The initial focus for the company is driving consumer demand of the smart spouts and usage of its mobile app, but it imagines even greater opportunity for how it can partner with spirits distributors and producers. Over the next many months, Bernooli will be building out its infrastructure with to intent to offer on-demand liquor delivery by next calendar year. And with all the information it will be collecting around consumer habits and purchasing decisions, Bernooli will find itself with a trove of big cocktail data that it will be able to provide producers to help them understand their share-of-bar in consumers' homes.

The Bernooli Smart Craft Cocktail System is available for pre-order starting today with shipping expected to begin in December 2016. Introductory packages will start at $99 and include two smart spouts and a shaker. (Ironic hipster mustache not included.)