You already know the common stereotype of Millennials: They're needy, overindulgent, and entitled. You might tack on narcissistic, too. This generation of Americans take on average at least one selfie a day, according to various surveys dating back to 2014 and more recently. Over an average lifetime of 75 years, that's more than 27,000 selfies.

Let's unravel this a bit more: Millennials, generally believe to encompass those aged 18 to 34, spend an hour a week taking selfies. That's 52 hours, or 2.2 full days, a year. In a lifespan of 75 years, that's 165 days of selfies.

For perspective, the first balloonists to circumnavigate the globe, Dr. Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones, did so in 1999. It took the pair 20 days to complete their trip. In other words, you could successfully circumnavigate the globe eight times in the same time people spend taking selfies.

What's more, even with Snapchat--the so-called disappearing messaging app--the trend isn't slowing down. In fact, it may be picking up. Currently, 74 percent of Snapchat photos are selfies. Similarly on Instagram, 1,000 selfies get posted every second.

In 2015, more people literally died from taking selfies than they did from shark attacks.

While the question of what to do with all of those images is mind-bending enough, when you break down that figure further--as we tried to do above--the question becomes more a matter of when selfie overload will wreak havoc rather than if it will. And for those entrepreneurs looking for a big idea to tackle, this may well be it.