On this week's episode of Woman Inc., I sat down with Cheryl Burke, an Emmy-nominated professional dancer with 25 years of dancing experience and several championship titles under her belt. You may know her from the hit ABC television show Dancing With the Stars.

As I prepared for our conversation, I wrote down the question, "Who is Cheryl Burke behind the scenes?" I asked Cheryl about being in the public eye and the inherent pressures that come with a life on stage. Whether I'm interviewing a founder, business executive, or celebrity, I'm always looking to to answer this question: Who did this woman have to become to get to where she is now? 

As a mental health advocate and public speaker, Cheryl speaks on the challenges she has had to overcome in her life to become a confident woman who can dance on stage in front of millions of people. She touches on becoming sober, meditating, and facing the truth at pivotal points in her journey to becoming the woman of her dreams. This episode is a reminder that the journey to a life worth living is rarely linear, and that sometimes, the work one does behind the scenes is the most important work of all. 

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