On this week's episode of Woman Inc., I sat down with Tala Akhavan, a former Uber executive, who last year became COO of creator economy platform Pietra, which helps creators launch their brands by connecting them with vital infrastructure like marketing and suppliers. 

There has been a spike in female entrepreneurship coming out of the pandemic, but at present, there is little transparency across markets on how to launch a product in a financially feasible and time efficient manner. Pietra aims to fix that, and Tala believes that as COO who follows a value-first philosophy, she will be able to democratize access to entrepreneurship and encourage more women to become founders. 

 As a first time mother, Akhavan has struggled with wanting to give her all motherhood and continuing her professional trajectory. While giving birth in the height of the pandemic, she chose not to return to her secure job at Uber when her maternity leave ended. Akhavan experienced firsthand the flawed workplace models and policies that fail to support women who choose to be mothers with careers. 

 After the recording stopped, Tala told me something that I believe is incredibly powerful, which is that when she was offered the role at Pietra, she was also offered the same role at a different company for double the salary. She turned down the higher-paying offer because they weren't as accommodating to her needs as a mother. I share this, with her blessing, because I believe that is the definition of knowing your worth.