On this week's episode of Woman Inc., I sat down with Prerna Gupta, founder and CEO of storytelling app Hooked. With over 100 million consumers, Hooked highlights short form text, audio, and video content. You'd probably recognize them for their viral stories told via text message. 

Hooked, which launched in 2016, boasts investors including Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Mariah Carey, Jamie Foxx, Joe Montana, and more.

As a female founder of color, Gupta has made it her mission to eliminate bias and give unknown writers, actors, directors, and producers a platform. Hooked does this by analyzing engagement data to identify what content will succeed when developed from text into audio and video.

This allows creators to develop content that will perform well from the outset, regardless of how big of a following the creator has or what they look like. As Gupta mentions in our conversation, "We often do things because it's what we've always done--not because it's the best way of doing it." Hooked is using its technology to break those norms and create a more even playing field of diverse writers and content creators. 

As a serial entrepreneur nicknamed "the queen of viral apps," Gupta has reached over one billion people with her mobile apps. I am so proud to have her on the show. Her story will absolutely inspire you to bet on yourself. Make sure to tune in to hear the full story and subscribe to Woman Inc. so that you never miss an episode.