Let's face it: There are plenty of people to follow on Twitter for the latest SEO, digital marketing, and social media news and insights. That being said, there are plenty of folks out there who are "fluffy"--their feeds are full of the types of articles you would expect to see in 2012. It's 2015, folks.

Here are the top "fluff-free" experts to follow on Twitter to kick-start your 2015.

1. Augie Ray (@augieray)

Director, voice of customer strategy at American Express, blogger, and one of the more intelligent folks to listen to on Twitter--period.

2. David Berkowitz (@dberkowitz)

CMO at award-winning agency MRY, frequent keynote, and always in the know on all things innovation and tech.

3. Ekaterina Walter (@ekaterina)

Global evangelist at Sprinklr, author of the best-selling Think Like Zuck, co-author of The Power of Visual Storytelling, and frequent keynote and columnist.

4. Dorie Clark (@dorieclark)

Marketing strategist, speaker, and professor, Dorie does it all with panache. Her Twitter feed is 100 percent fluff-free.

5. Sean Gardner (@2morrowknight)

One of the nicest guys in the Twittersphere, Sean is also best-selling author, keynote, and consistent curator of interesting digital information.

6. Aliza Sherman (@alizasherman)

Aliza is one of the more prolific digital authors of the last 15 years, and tends to have insights that are consistently ahead of the crowd's.

7. Amy Vernon (@amyvernon)

A longtime journalist turned digital influencer, Amy has a highly active feed containing a wealth of useful information at the cross-section of content, tech, and digital marketing.

8. Jason Keath (@jasonkeath)

Founder of the award-winning Social Fresh Conference.

9. Gary J. Nix (@Mr_McFly)

An underrated gem, consistently blogging and curating truly original thought leadership pieces.

10. Aliza Licht (@AlizaLicht)

Donna Karan's senior VP of global communications, author of Leave Your Mark, and one of the more authentic and uncensored personalities for you to add to your feed.

11. Brian Clark (@BrianClark)

Founder and CEO of Copyblogger, Brian is a digital maven who knows what he's talking about from experience.

12. Jason Falls (@JasonFalls)

Author, speaker, and head of digital strategy for Elasticity.

13. Steve Rubel (@steverubel)

Chief content strategist at Edelman, LinkedIn influencer, and a consistent curator of deep insights.

14. Rand Fishkin (@randfish)

Founder of Moz, Rand knows more about SEO than roughly 99.99 percent of the planet.

15. Randi Zuckerberg (@randizuckerberg)

One of the more influential Zuckerbergs of all time, Randi is also an impactful author and thought leader in the digital space.

16. Christopher S. Penn (@cspenn)

Insightful blogger, VP of marketing technology at Shift Communications, and co-host of the popular Marketing Over Coffee podcast.

17. Jay Baer (@jaybaer)

A speaker, author, consultant, blogger--does Jay sleep?--and a consistently interesting Twitter feed to boot.

18. Gabrielle Zigi (@socialzigi)

When someone knows digital influencer relations as Gabrielle, you almost want to go out and acquire her company. Lucky for me, that's exactly what Firebrand Group did this summer. Gabrielle's a great name to have in your feed.

19. C.C. Chapman (@cc_chapman)

Author, people connector, podcaster--when it comes to marketing and communications, C.C. is the real deal.

20. Joel Gascoigne (@joelgascoigne)

Co-founder and CEO at Buffer, a little company whose product you absolutely should be using. Joel is a fantastic writer and shares his views on everything from corporate culture to happiness.

21. Wil Reynolds (@wilreynolds)

Seer Interactive founder, and a truly genuine guy with SEO/SEM insights that are virtually unparalleled.

22. Michael Brito (@Britopian)

Head of social strategy at WCG, insightful blogger, author, and all-around nice guy.

23. Ann Handley (@annhandley)

Head of content at MarketingProfs, and author of some of the more compelling digital-centric books out there, such as Everybody Writes and Content Rules.

24. Dave Kerpen (@DaveKerpen)

Dave is not only CEO of Likeable Local--he's also a frequent Inc. columnist, LinkedIn writer, best-selling author ... need I say more?

25. Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi)

Founder at Content Marketing Institute, author, and speaker. Truly knows his stuff.

26. David Meerman Scott (@dmscott)

A transformational author who thinks three steps ahead of most.

27. Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang)

The founder of Crowd Companies, Jeremiah's a longtime thought leader in the digital space. His Twitter feed is an easy way to get smarter on a regular basis.

28. Lauren O'Neil (@laurenonizzle)

Journalist at CBC News, blogger, and incredibly quirky and authentic Twitter personality.

29. Brian Solis (@briansolis)

Principal at Altimeter Group, noted author, and executive producer of the annual Pivot Conference.

30. Brian Fanzo (@iSocialFanz)

Positive, high-energy consultant, speaker, and writer.

Of course, there are more than 30 experts to learn from--but this list is a terrific start. Are there any must-follows you think are missing from this list?