Headed to SXSW and interested in building your network? Chances are you have some of your itinerary tentatively planned out already, but have a gap or two in your schedule. In that case, here are a few events you need to consider:

#1: Interactive Opening Party Presented by Bazaarvoice

Kick off SXSW on Friday the 11th at Mellow Johnny's and learn about the power of consumer-generated content while enjoying live music, open bar and special surprises. Details here.

#2: The School of Self Expression

March 12th & 13th from noon until 6pm at the Mexic-Arte Museum, join Refinery29 at The School of Self Expression, presented by Neiman Marcus. School is in session, so to speak: Refinery29 has created a visual playground where you can award yourself at their trophy case, stop by the art room to color, peek inside our lockers, learn about new tech, take an augmented reality selfie, and of course, sign their yearbook.

In the spirit of school and learning, Refinery29 will be hosting master classes and Q&As with experts and influencers across industries, such as poetry with Cleo Wade, fitness with Nicole Winhoffer, and a jam session with Wynter Gordon. Check here for more information and schedule updates.

#3: Amber Rose & Zoobe

On Sunday March 13th at German Haus at Lucille's Patio Lounge, join model and fashion designer Amber Rose and 3D animated messaging mobile app Zoobe for an event as glamorous as MUVA herself. Be part of the exclusive celebration as one of pop culture's most outspoken celebrities reveals her own 3D Zoobe character.

Drinks and food provided by Gourdough's Donut Shop, with music by DJ Duffey. RSVP here.

#4: Women of Enterprise Social

On Thursday the 10th, Sprinklr, the enterprise social media management platform, is bringing together influential women from across the digital landscape to discuss how enterprise customer experience management is bridging silos, increasing marketing efficiencies, and inspiring business transformation.

Ekaterina Walter (Global Evangelist, Sprinklr) and Jackie Huba (Author, Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics) will share their advice for personal success, tips on achieving work/life balance, and their perspective of the future of work. RSVP here.

#5: Win Peacefully: One-Hour Negotiation School

Business negotiation is no longer about balls, bluster and bullying: that style might mean short-term wins, but you'll incur long-term costs in the process. This session will help identify practical ways to analyze, prepare for and succeed in a negotiation.

The panel features three negotiation experts with fascinating, unique backgrounds, and will provide attendees with tangible approaches to resolving issues successfully and without negative confrontations, using scenarios from the real world and the audience. Get more details here.

#6: YEC @ SXSW 2016

The Young Entrepreneur Council is an invite-only organization of top, young entrepreneurs that support each stage of their business's development and growth (disclaimer: I'm a member). At this event, join YEC Founders Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh, plus YEC members from across the country and invited entrepreneur guests for a throwback event at Teller's on Trinity Street. RSVP here.

#7: Solving Big Problems with Big Hardware

Come hear Michael McDaniel, CEO of Reaction Housing (one of Austin's hottest startups), discuss the idea of solving problems using "big hardware." Humanitarian issues are rapidly increasing in size and scope, forcing innovators to consider new solutions to massive problems. To date, the only tool regularly used to combat these issues has been software, but often the most insurmountable challenges can only be addressed with physical solutions. Get more details here.

#8: Smartertainment: Bushnells on the Future of Fun

I've had the opportunity to interview Nolan Bushnell, the father of gaming, founder of Atari, Chuck-E-Cheese and BrainRush, but this looks even better: joining in a media-oriented family debate between Nolan and offspring Brent, Alissa and Tyler Bushnell--all tech, entertainment, PR and gaming moguls. Find out how the "smartertainment" of the future will engage, entertain, inspire, educate, motivate and activate people like never before! Add to your schedule here.

Of course, this is but a small list of all the fun events at SXSW 2016. You can view the entire schedule here. And for the events above and in general, make sure you have the proper credentials (i.e., an official SXSW badge) to RSVP and gain admittance.

Have fun, and network responsibly! And above all, make sure you meet Firebrand Group's own Gabrielle Zigi and Amelia Tran, AKA @SocialZigi and @AmelianTips, while you're there.