Cheetah Mobile, the world's 4th largest mobile utility and content app developer, today launched Cheetah Ads, its newly rebranded mobile advertising business as well as its newly-announced Cheetah Open Feed content-sharing platform. The rebranded advertising division in particular was announced at the Millennial 20/20 conference in New York City.

Cheetah Ads unifies Cheetah Mobile's strengths in utility apps and mobile content under a single name with a strong focus on bringing vertical video ads to every kind of mobile moment. The newly-announced Cheetah Open Feed content-sharing platform, on the other hand, will allow app publishers and original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) to embed news content feeds provided by Cheetah Mobile's leading news aggregation app, News Republic, into their apps and mobile operating systems.

Formerly known as Cheetah Ad Platform, Cheetah Ads offers diverse, global reach with over 600 million users from 200+ countries across Cheetah Mobile's owned and operated inventory, including News Republic,, Clean Master, and CM Security. This also includes partner apps, such as, the video-centric social network that has quickly established a foothold in the teen and tween markets.

Scarlett Xiao, Cheetah Mobile's SVP of Global Marketing and Business Development, explains that Cheetah Ads has the ability to intelligently target vertical video ads "across the entire mobile journey." Xiao believes that Cheetah's technology "has the power to transform ads into useful and desirable experiences to the delight of both users and brand advertisers."

Cheetah Ads places beautiful, full screen vertical video ads for all sorts of user engagements And, let's face it, these days we're using our mobile devices for in so many different varieties. Cheetah Ads is designed to serve up relevant messages in a plethora of these contexts:

  • Pre-social moments like AppLock, where brands can reach users before they unlock open their favorite social apps
  • In-social activity within influencer-powered apps like and
  • Personalized content moments in News Republic;
  • Utility moments in apps like Clean Master.

Enhanced by Cheetah Mobile's expertise with artificial intelligence, Cheetah Ads helps brands reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right format throughout the entire purchase cycle.

"Cheetah Mobile's success with utility apps has provided the breakthrough needed to expand into the content and AI realms and take our business to the next level with attractive vertical video through Cheetah Ads," stated Arther Wu, Cheetah's Senior Director of Monetization and Business Operations.

The Rise of Mobile Content

Those attractive vertical ads Wu is referencing, is part of the reason Cheetah has risen to become one of the top global app developers, and the Open Feed initiative looks to provide an additional big boost, given content's rising prominence. The free Cheetah Open Feed content-sharing platform gives third-party developers open access to fully licensed content feeds featuring content from some of the world's leading content providers, advanced personalization tools based on Cheetah Mobile's cutting-edge AI technologies and seamlessly integrated monetization scenarios. Cheetah Open Feed gives OEMs another means to differentiate their mobile devices, and lets app developers create new premium traffic, new revenue, and new engagement.

Cheetah Open Feed leverages Cheetah Mobile's AI recommendation technology and licensed content resources to increase user traffic and stickiness. I'm a sucker for mad science, including self-experimentation, so it's nice to see that Cheetah uses itself as its own guinea pig to see how effective Cheetah Open Feed can be. For example, Clean Master, Cheetah's own utility app, was able to increase time on its results page by 700% after adding content to it.

That new engagement can only help Cheetah's growth; it had over 612 million monthly active users worldwide as of September 2016, with 4 in 5 of those residing outside of China. Moreover, most of those users are from the under-30 mobile generation - a highly-coveted target for advertisers. Cheetah Mobile employs over 2,500 people globally with more than 50% of them in engineering and research and development.

Part of Cheetah Mobile success thus far has been in its focus: providing leading apps for mobile users worldwide, and connecting users with personalized content on their mobile devices. To that end, the company has had a number of app hits, including its popular mission-critical utility applications Clean Master, CM Security, and Battery Doctor, help make users' mobile internet experience smarter, speedier, and safer. Leveraging the success of those mission-critical applications led to Cheetah's successful mobile content-driven applications, including News Republic and

For some time now, Cheetah Mobile has been one of the top companies to watch in the mobile space. With moves like the launch of Cheetah Ads and the Open Feed platform, the firm looks to stay in the spotlight for many quarters to come.