When Firebrand Group was recently putting together its latest downloadable Orange Paper focused on Facebook video (among other Facebook topics), we knew that one thing was clear: serious marketers need to know more about Facebook video marketing. After all, Facebook recently surpassed 8 billion daily video views, doubling its totals from April of this year. That's--at minimum--over 760 years of viewing time each and every day.

As part of our Facebook video analysis, I came across the research of Locowise, a leading social media and analytics provider. They analyzed 1,000 pages that contained over 291 million Likes and almost 600 uploaded native videos (totaling over 180 million views throughout the month of June.

"Video is the post format that gets the highest organic reach on pages," shares Marko Saric, who managed the study for Locowise. "Page owners can reach some 10-11% of their total audience with a video while that number is at 4-5% for plain status updates." This trend has been rather consistent for awhile now, as Facebook is looking to beat YouTube and thus is actively encouraging Page managers to invest in video.

What may surprise even Facebook experts is that just under half of the pages don't upload videos at all. Moreover, over one-third of those that do upload videos only do so once a month on average.

Page managers are increasingly using Facebook's native video format instead of simply posting YouTube links, as community managers were likely to do not too long time ago. Less than 20% of pages now post YouTube links on Facebook, perhaps realizing the futility of the action.

"Facebook is going all-in on video, and video will become increasingly prominent," says Saric. While there are over 8 billion video views on the platform daily right now, Facebook isn't satisfied and has plenty of juicy functionality planned. Simple improvements such as "Suggested videos" will get likely to get users to watch even more than ever before.

Saric is particularly looking forward to seeing the rollout of new features such as live streaming, 360-degree videos and virtual reality. He predicts a greater number of brands and pages opening their eyes to the importance of video, and becoming more active in the video space over the next year. Saric also expects Facebook to start offering revenue share deals with video creators, and invest in systems to protect copyright owners from getting their videos re-uploaded by third parties, bringing Facebook more in line YouTube's offerings.

Will Facebook be able to beat YouTube at the video game? The time will tell, but smart marketers shouldn't bet against Facebook.

Looking for more on Facebook Video and its importance to marketers? My firm, Firebrand Group has put together one of our Orange Papers focused on the topic. It covers Facebook Video 101, Facebook Video best practices, and case studies you can follow to better understand the important of Facebook Video to your business. You can access it here.