If your holiday sales the day after Thanksgiving were lackluster this year, it probably wasn’t your imagination. Shoppers didn't come out in the kinds of droves we're used to on Black Friday.

Compared with 2014, foot traffic to stores on Black Friday actually dropped by 2 percent in 2015, according to a post-Thanksgiving retail survey by Foursquare, the crowdsourcing and local deals app. Instead, roughly 25 percent of foot traffic to retail stores occurred on Thanksgiving Day itself.

This stat shouldn't necessarily raise any alarm bells, however. Instead, shoppers appear to be spreading out their purchases more evenly throughout the holiday season, notes Foursquare. So if you had a sales miss after Thanksgiving, it can't hurt to keep trying.

By the numbers, among those who did venture out, Foursquare found that shoppers visited an average of three stores on Black Friday; the average length of their shopping trips lasted five hours. Foursquare assembled the data from 50 million phones over the course of the Thanksgiving holiday, including the weekend.

Naturally, there were some standouts. The biggest Black Friday winners were Best Buy, JC Penney, and Macy’s, which individually saw a 400 percent increase in foot traffic to their stores, compared to the average non-holiday Friday. By contrast, Walmart saw its traffic increase 150 percent, compared to a normal shopping Friday.

And if 2014 is any indication of what to expect for 2015, you can expect traffic to increase 150 percent or more in the two weekends leading up to Christmas, which is what happened last year, Foursquare reports.

“While Black Friday deals abound, this data shows that it’s important for retailers to think about winning not just Black Friday, but the whole extended ‘Black November’ and throughout the season,” Jeff Glueck, chief operating officer of Foursquare said in a recent blog post.