It was only a few months ago that billionaire entrepreneur  Mark Cuban said he'd consider running as vice president on a Donald Trump-led ticket, and that Hillary Clinton was too disliked to win the presidency.

Now he's reversed course and says that Clinton should choose someone like him"who would throw bombs at Donald (Trump)." He also called Trump an "airhead" who says nothing.

Cuban made those comments and others about the candidates at the economic summit SkyBridge Alternatives Conference, known as SALT, in Las Vegas on Thursday, CNN reports.

The Shark Tank host frequently stakes out controversial stances on the economy, politics, and other matters. And he has not always been consistent in his views.

In February, he told a Dallas sports radio program he'd consider running as vice president with his fellow billionaire Trump, who is now the presumptive Republican nominee. "As long as [Trump] said he'[d] listen to me in everything I said, we'd be OK," Cuban said.

The same week, he told Rita Cosby of WABC radio that Trump needed to tone down his rhetoric, and suggested that Trump wasn't too self-aware. (He also suggested last summer on Twitter, however, that Trump was the most honest of all the candidates.)

In the radio broadcast, Cuban told Cosby he believed Clinton was too polarizing to win the election. "I think Hillary is smart, but she's just upset so many people on the other side, that it's going to be very, very difficult," he said. Cuban added that Clinton's handling of classified email while she worked in the State Department shows she knows very little about technology.

Cuban has attacked other presidential contenders as well, such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who ended his bid for the presidency earlier this month. "He is Joe McCarthy reincarnate," Cuban said of Cruz during the radio interview. "He ... labels the others, you know, and denigrates people who don't, who aren't pure in how they are. ...He's not the type of person who will accomplish anything. He's just obstructionist."

By contrast, Cuban acknowledged the appeal of Bernie Sanders to younger voters, and indicated to Cosby he would like to have a sit-down with him. Here's what he said about the Vermont senator on his blog:

How can it be a surprise that Millennials are excited about Bernie Sanders? Millennials EXPECT capitalism to reflect a socialist element. I don't think Bernie knew this going in. Either way, any candidate that expects to get millennial votes needs to understand that your father's capitalism is not ... how they understand the world. Socio-Capitalism [sic] is who they are and what this country will be. Whether you like it or not.

Cuban, who did not respond to an emailed request for comment, had this parting shot for Trump, summing him up this way on Thursday:

"There's that guy who'll walk into the bar and say anything to get laid," Cuban said, according to Yahoo Finance. "That's Donald Trump right now to a T. But it's all of us who are going to get f-----"