In my last column, I shared 5 Ways to Recruit Like a Marketer and highlighted content marketing as a key deliverable. We know research shows that 69% of candidates wouldn't accept a job with an organization with a bad reputation and as employers are getting more creative with their hiring strategies, content marketing will play a primary role in building brand awareness. Focusing more specifically on content marketing, here's how leading organizations and talent acquisition professionals are recruiting like marketers:

They have strategy. Anyone can produce content but to succeed it has to tell a story that begins with your company's culture. Getting it right is no mean feat. To quote Deloitte, 'company culture can be your competitive advantage or your Achilles' heel'. Define your message with HR and develop a content marketing strategy based on your audience persona that sets the tone for everything you post.

They tell a story. Prospective hires want to know why working for your company is meaningful, interesting and aligns with their aspirations. People want to work for a business whose values they believe in. Use behind-the-scenes insights into a typical day in the office to highlight the benefits of working for your organization. Include updates on what's important to today's job seekers, such as, community initiatives, career development opportunities, employee recognition and flexible working.

They have a blog. A regular blog must offer solutions, add value and resonate with your readers. Create credibility in your sector with topics relevant to your target audience with 'tips to' or 'how-to's'. Demonstrate your authority by tapping into current trends. Keep it well-structured with bullet points and conclude with a call-to-action to encourage visitors to comment, subscribe to regular updates or find out more about your organization. Be consistent, decide how often you're going to publish, whether once or twice a week (ideal), once a fortnight or even once a month. Once you've made your decision, stick to your schedule.

They are social. Share content on your LinkedIn company pages and social media feeds with links back to your careers site. First impressions count. Passive talent must encounter a consistent brand message and regular flow of content. Encourage employee buy-in to share content too, the more engaged and involved they are the more eager they'll be to promote your cause. One word of warning--avoid job post overkill. A perpetual stream of vacancies yells 'desperate' and is guaranteed to send qualified candidates elsewhere.

They reuse, repurpose and repost. If you generally create articles, think about how the content can be adapted and repurposed to fit other formats. For example, take the information in your blog post to create slide presentations, videos, infographics, a series of tweets or invite your audience to discuss your content in a webinar. So-called 'evergreen' content with a longer shelf life containing useful tips and advice can be reposted over a longer period of time. Your blog statistics will identify your most popular posts.

They create talent communities. Develop targeted campaigns on social media that are interesting, relevant and timely to attract candidates with the skills and qualifications your company needs. Curate your content into a weekly--or bi-weekly--e-mail or newsletter with your latest blog, notifications of upcoming webinars and sharing relevant company stories to engage talent and create a community tailored to your business needs. With a readily engaged audience, it will be much easier to recruit the next time you have a specific need.

They track success. Tracking your engagement, audience reach and growth through metrics will help to build a more effective content campaign. Content marketing in recruitment, like any other strategy, needs to be regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure a steady flow of qualified candidates into your pipeline. Get it right and your content strategy will attract passive talent to your brand, help to build trust and enhance your employer brand.

What content marketing strategies are the most effective for attracting qualified candidates to your pipeline?