While the final months of the year may be the busiest, they're also a great opportunity to boost your company's culture. Outside of the traditional holiday party, there are many ways to spread positive energy throughout your office.

Follow these three tips, and you'll be sure to win the holiday season.

1. Establish traditions.

People look forward to the holidays partly because it gives them time away from the office. But giving your employees something to look forward to at work can make the season even more enjoyable.

Sure, most companies have their annual boozy offsite party to look forward to. But establishing company traditions inside your space can help foster similar feel-good vibes in the office.

Aligning your traditions to your company's values will make them even more authentic. At my company, Arkadium, we have a number of traditions, including a Thanksgiving potluck, where each employee brings in a treat, and an optional holiday gift exchange.

2. Give gifts guilt-free.

When it comes to office gift exchanges, making your employees feel good without alienating others can be a slippery slope. But doing it correctly can lead to special team-building moments.

Each December, every employee at my company has the option to participate in our Secret Santa gift exchange. We set the price limit very low -- $10 per person -- which leads to some thoughtful exchanges.

Last year, an employee noticed that I like to use colored pens, and gifted me $10 worth in an assortment of colors. One of the office's coffee lovers received $10 worth of a brand new cold brew.

You really have to spend time with your colleagues to know the little things that could mean a lot. And when something like that happens in the workplace, it's evidence of great culture.

3. Take a week to refresh.

One final way your company can win the holidays is a sacrifice, but in my opinion, it's worth every penny. In the spirit of an Arkadium core value -- living a full life -- we tell all of our employees to stay home between Christmas Day and New Year's.

A week of free PTO could be costly, but realistically, it's foolish to assume that everybody is at the top of their game that week, anyway. And time away from the office can help make you, and your employees, sharper in the long-term.

It's a sacrifice, but one that fosters goodwill with your employees, at a time where it'll be especially appreciated.

During the last quarter, it's easy to let a year's worth of stress get the best of you. But by applying these tips, the holiday season can truly bring the best out of your business.