September is a pivotal month for most of us. We're usually refreshed--coming off a month where our businesses either slowed down, or our customers did--and anxious to launch at full speed into the end of the year.

So it's no wonder that for many of us, that summer vacation we just took already feels like a distant memory.

What is a break-ation?

There's one technique many successful people employ to combat the grind and keep themselves mentally refreshed. Let's call it a "break-ation": the practice of injecting small moments of personal rejuvenation into your work week.

These small moments tie you very closely to things that you are passionate about outside of your business--but don't require two weeks of decompression to re-energize you.

How do you take one?

The key to enjoying a break-ation is understanding and identifying what you're passionate about, and taking a little bit of time out, every single week, to pursue that.

Don't know where your passions lie outside of your business? Find out fast--before you burn out. It's a great thing for business to be your passion, but it's also healthy for it to be just one of your passions.

Follow your passion

One of the things I'm most passionate about is design and decorating. For my break-ation, I'll take 10 minutes, scan through the design blogs I follow on Instagram or pin designs I find on Houzz.

It doesn't need to be time consuming (or wallet-draining) to get this mini-injection of passion into your day.

Here are some examples

Here are some real examples of how fellow-CEOs, and other successful people I know, take break-ations during the week:

  • The weekend farmer who searches online for heirloom seeds
  • The travel-lover who starts to plan their dream trip - even if it's years away
  • The fitness junkie who plans which classes they'll go to next week
  • The epicure who reads reviews of the hottest new restaurants in her neighborhood
  • The theater-lover who keeps track of upcoming shows that he can't wait to see

Guilt-free goofing off

Break-actions aren't goofing off in a way you need to feel guilty about.

The technique is intended to rejuvenate yourself in a measured way that helps you succeed at your business and life goals.

And you could regret it if you don't

Alternatively, the consequences of not giving yourself some kind of release valve between vacations is that you might unintentionally take the pressure out on your business. And that will negatively affect both your personal--and your business's--performance.

If you focus all your singular attention on work, but never get a break from it and never allow yourself time to dream and pursue other passions, then you can start being resentful towards your business and the people inside it.

Plus, if you do them right, they can be a lot of fun.