We all know the holidays aren't all eggnog, presents, and mom's home cooking. The festive period can be incredibly stressful -- especially if you're heading to the airport during one of the year's peak travel periods. Given that insane crowds (and even crazier fellow passengers) don't make for good cheer, getting to your destination with some of your sanity in tact means being smart about how you travel. These hacks rounded up for across the internet can help reduce both stress levels and costs.

1. Cookies cost money

No, not that kind of cookie! I'm referring to the kind that tracks your internet usage. Travel sites use them to see how often you've visited and raise prices accordingly. Clear cookies and you'll get a better deal, according to tech site Hongkiat.

2. Don't wrap twice

Wrapping presents before you travel might seem like a time saver but it's actually a bad idea, according to Buzzfeed: "Pack the wrapping paper and the present with you separately to avoid tears and wrinkling while you're traveling. Also, TSA can open gifts in checked bags."

3. DIY in-flight entertainment

Here's another genius idea from Buzzfeed: "If your airline doesn't offer in-flight entertainment, don't fret, just bring a baggie with you! Lodge the baggie with your phone in it using the tray table holder." Voila! You've just created your own little entertainment system.

4. Stink less

There are few things less less festive than the smell of dirty socks. Birchbox has the solution for the problem of your laundry infecting your whole suitcase with a less-than-appealing odor: "Throw the hotel bar soap into your dirty laundry bag so it doesn't stink up your suitcase for the rest of your trip. Don't have any bar soap lying around? Use a dryer sheet."

5. Trade eggnog for pia coladas

This one won't be applicable to everyone, but if you can make it work, you'll probably enjoy it. "Consider celebrating the holidays in a tropical location. Prices during the off-season/shoulder season are much more reasonable and you get to really see and enjoy your destination without the crowds," claims Orbitz.

6. No more ice scrapers!

Everyone who has ever lived in a snowy state knows how annoying it is to de-ice your car in the freezing cold, so Orbitz also offers this tip for those who will be driving in inclement weather: "While your car warms up, just spritz your windshield with de-icing fluid. Bottles are inexpensive, and you can pick them up at any local hardware store."

7. Use GateGuru

Nothing is worse that peering at an endless-seeming security line wondering if you're going to make your flight. GateGuru could save you from this stress, as well as many other airport annoyances. "GateGuru will help organize your holiday traveling from the start of your trip until the moment you leave the airport. The app provides airport weather, departure info, estimated TSA waiting lines, location of ATMs, and rental car information for over 200 airports across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia," claims Buzzfeed.

8. Roll, don't fold

No one wants to spending their holidays iron in hand, so steal a travel trick from airline staff and always roll your clothes when packing instead of folding them.

9. Bring wine safely

For many us, wine is essential for maintaining our sanity over the holidays, but putting a bottle in your suitcase can be nerve-wracking (as well as space consuming). The Today Show has the answer to this conundrum: a pair of high-top sneakers or boots. Just "encase each bottle of wine between two shoes, and avoid any shattering."

10. Procrastinate on New Year's travel plans

While we all know that it's much cheaper to book airline tickets for the holidays early, there appears to be an exception to this rule. If you're thinking of travelling domestically for New Year's go ahead and hem and haw about where to go. There are often last minute deals in December, claims Forbes. "It is better to wait to book New Year's Eve travel, as the lowest average fares for domestic travel were found in early December," claims the site.

Travelling internationally? Then conventional wisdom still applies -- book as early as possible.

Help a fellow traveller out and share your favorite holiday travel hack in the comments.