These days, computers have made routine work cheaper and a tight labor market has made hiring average employees a breeze. So what’s still incredibly scarce and valuable? Good ideas.

Stick any job ad on a board or in the paper and you’ll be bombarded with resumes. But to thrive, your business needs not just folks who can follow orders and plough through routine tasks but people who can survey the market and the competition and come up with fresh ways to move your company forward. You need, in other words, visionary thinkers. Where can you find them?

British startup ViewsOnYou thinks it can help. The company offers a tool for job seekers (or the simply curious) to conduct a self-review of their personality and work style, as well as request reviews from colleagues and others who know you well. The results are then collated into a report aimed at helping you find the right role and company to fit your quirks.

But that’s only half the story. ViewsOnYou also takes all the data it rounds up from inquisitive workers and aggregates it to draw a data-driven portrait of the types of employees that can be found at various businesses, painting a picture of each company’s current culture. The idea is that workers and businesses can then check how well their personalities match, but the data may also be useful for business owners on the lookout to hire strategic thinkers.

Among the 23 traits that are measured during the review process is an employee’s level of visionary thinking.

“Under the category of how you think, one of the key traits we look to understand is whether you are a detail oriented person primarily or a big picture strategic thinker,” explains ViewsOnYou. While people often display both traits in varying degrees, those who are highly visionary have a strong tendency to think strategically (though, on the downside, they sometimes also have a short attention span).

So if you want to hire a visionary, where do you look? reached out to ViewsOnYou to ask which companies came back with the highest percentage of these big-picture thinkers. Keep an eye out for resumes that cross your desk that include these companies:

  • NBC Universal (part of Comcast)

  • YouTube (part of Google)

  • Virgin America

  • Guardian Media Group

  • WPP

  • Siemens

  • Bloomberg

  • Lloyds Banking Group

  • Boston Consulting Group


  • Kellogg Company

  • Tata Motors

Are you surprised by any of the companies included? Let us know in the comments.


Published on: Apr 22, 2014