With Cyber Monday coming up, across the country people are strategizing about how to get the best deals on holiday purchases. That recently spurred British personal finance site Quid Corner (which is sponsored by payday lender QuickQuid, but despite the slightly shady parentage seems to offer sensible information) to pull together a handy infographic of all the ways online retailers use psychological insights to squeeze as many dollars (or pounds) as possible out of customers.

The makers of the infographic clearly intend for consumers to use the resource to defend themselves against these tactics -- and the information is indeed helpful in this regard -- but one person's underhanded trick is another's brilliant business innovation.

If you're on the other end of customer-retailer relationship, this infographic could just as easily be seen as a great cheat sheet of ideas to help you maximize your profits this holiday season. I leave the choice of which way to view it up to you.

Courtesy of: QuickQuid