Sometimes in life it's the little things. The perfect accessory can transform an outfit, a few kind words can brighten a whole day, and knowing just the right tool or technique to get something done can turn a dread job into a total breeze.

Which is just what a recent, useful list from tech site Hongkiat is all about. The incredibly comprehensive list of 99 tech hacks offers just the right trick or tool to save you from the kind of small but highly annoying hassles (frozen phones, unwieldy files, overpriced hotel rooms) that can add tons of unnecessary stress to your day.

From keyboard shortcuts to useful sites and head-slappingly obvious solutions to everyday tech problems, the inspired list offers something for everyone. Here's a few ideas entrepreneurs will like to get you started:

  1. When booking flights or hotels online, clear cookies before you start looking, or shop in Incognito mode, for lower prices
  2. Use SelfControl to block social network sites for a period of time. Cool app, ironic name. [Note: there are plenty of other similar concentration-boosting tools to experiment with as well]
  3. Saving an Excel file as an .XLSB will shrink the size by half or 75 percent.
  4. Want a quick way to unfreeze a frozen phone? Plug it into its charger.
  5. To prevent sending emails to the wrong person, write your email first, then write your recipient last.
  6. The Bohemian Rhapsody is the perfect music piece to test headphones and speakers because of the range of highs and lows.
  7. If you need to remember the time for something, make a missed call to any number to get a (very precise) timestamp.
  8. The easiest way to crank up your smartphone's speaker volume is using an empty cup. [Just dump the phone in the glass.]
  9. Don't want your searches on Google to be location-based? Then go to NCR stands for "no country redirect".
  10. Hitting the Spacebar scrolls down a web page; hitting the Spacebar + Shift lets you scroll back up.
  11. Smallpdf is a fun place where PDFs go to be converted to and from other formats such as JPG, PPT, Word and Excel. They also unlock, split and merge PDFs.
  12. [Note: if you want your workday to seem as exciting as Mission Impossible -- at least for a moment--this one's for you.] Send notes that will self-destruct after it is read or after a specific number of days, via
  13. Need a mirror fast? Turn on your smartphone's front-facing camera, like you would when you take a selfie.
  14. Take a picture of business cards people hand you, just in case you lose them.
  15. Make a small knot at either side of the earphone to identify left or right side of the earphones.

Help a fellow reader out, what's your favorite small but mighty tech hack?