2017 may have been filled with grim news generally, but there's no denying it has been a great year for ambitious, professional women. The code of silence around sexual misbehavior in the workplace has finally cracked wide open, releasing a deluge of allegations and spurring much deserved consequences for the powerful men involved.

But while this long delayed comeuppance has filled the headlines, a host of kick butt female founders have quietly been raising money, attracting customers, and expanding their businesses. AngelList recently celebrated their accomplishments with a rundown of some of the top female-founded startups who achieved incredible things this year.

And hey, the post points out, they're also all hiring!

So check out the list below to celebrate the phenomenal achievements of female founders in 2017 and get inspired. And if you're looking for a startup job, considering clicking over to AngelList to check out their open positions.

  1. Accompany. Led by CEO Amy Chang, Accompany "uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to be your virtual chief of staff, providing you with all of the information you need about anyone you are meeting with in a given day."

  2. Glossier. Founder Emily Weiss raised $24 million for for Glossier, a "direct-to-consumer beauty brand with a cult-like following."

  3. Brandless. CEO Tina Sharkey has an impressive resume, having previously served as CEO of Sherpa Foundry and SVP at AOL. Now she's the force behind Brandless, which sells home staples direct to consumers all for $3.

  4. Verge Genomics. Founded by Alice Zhang, Verge Genomics "uses machine learning and human genomic data to defeat neurodegeneration." Not exactly a $400 juicer then.

  5. Mighty Networks. "Before launching Mighty Networks, Gina Bianchini co-founded social platform Ning along with Marc Andreessen, which grew to 90 million users," notes AngelList.

  6. Hipcamp. "A marketplace that connects campers and land," Hipcamp was founded by Alyssa Ravasio.

  7. Lumi. Founder Jesse Genet has done well for herself since turning down a Shark Tank deal two years ago. Her packaging company "currently serves customers from all 50 states and 20 countries worldwide."

  8. Shippo. "Using Shippo's API and web app, merchants can compare rates across USPS, FedEX, UPS, and other carriers. The company also prints labels, tracks packages, and automates paperwork."

  9. Flex Company. A business only a woman would think of: "Flex makes a tampon alternative that women can wear during sex."  

  10. Guild Education. "Co-founded by Brittany Stich and Rachel Carlson while attending Stanford," Guild Education offers an "education benefits platform that allows employers to offer tuition reimbursement and college degree programs to their employees."

  11. May Mobility. "An autonomous vehicle startup that deploys fleets of driverless vehicles for enterprise and municipal customers."

  12. Werk. Started by McKinsey alum Anna Auerbach and  former big law attorney Annie Dean, Werk "sources and curates highly flexible jobs from top companies."  

  13. Maven. Previously an investor, Kate Ryder is now the founder of Maven, which "connects working women with doctors, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, and mental health providers on-demand."

  14. Ritual. Offering "a 30-day supply of subscription vitamins for $30 per month," Ritual was founded by Kat Schneider.  

  15. Front. This startup "streamlines how teams communicate internally and with customers across channels."

  16. Darby Smart. "A do-it-yourself video community for millennials," Darby Smart was founded by Goldman alumna Nicole Shariat Farb.

  17. Future Fuel. A fabulous idea from founder Laurel Taylor, Future Fuel "offers student loan payment management services as an employee benefit."

  18. Branch. This startup, which "enables developers to provide links between websites and apps," has raised an impressive $113 million.

  19. Collective Retreats. Former Tough Mudder exec Cristina DeVito co-founded "glamping" startup Collective Retreats.

  20. Modern Fertility. "Co-founders Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy bring experience from 23andMe and Google" to this "at-home fertility test startup."

Check out the original AngelList post for more info on the companies and what positions they're hiring for, as well as links to all the job listings.