readers come in lots of shapes and sizes, but, for obvious reasons, almost all share one key trait -- an interest in and appreciation for small businesses, startups, and craftspeople. If that's you, why not skip the madness of the mall (and Amazon) this holiday season and give entrepreneurs more of your gift budget?

That's the suggestion of designer, blogger, and small-business owner Tina Roth Eisenberg, who recently took to Twitter to crowdfund suggestions for gorgeous, gift-worthy products from small businesses. She tweeted:

Roth Eisenberg went on to name a ton of phenomenal makers and designers before her followers leaped in with hundreds of ideas of their own. (Inevitably, the thread also prompted plenty of folks to promote their own products. No one is vouching for these people except themselves, so use your own judgment there.)

The whole discussion is a gold mine of largely design-focused gift ideas for those who would rather support small businesses than bigger retailers. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Closed Mondays: An ethical textile brand that makes baskets and bags. 

  2. Secret Holiday: "Affirmation banners to help remind people all over the world to keep pushing forward, to be kind, to be brave."

  3. Three Potato Four: "Vintage-inspired gifts, accessories, novelty, and stationery goods ... old classics made new."

  4. Claudia Pearson: Products for the home from, you guessed it, illustrator Claudia Pearson.

  5. AdamJK: Stationery, gifts, and accessories from artist Adam J. Kurtz.

  6. American Heirloom: American-made home products "designed to be cherished and passed down."

  7. Paper Jam Press: Letterpress typography posters and clothing.

  8. City of Industry: The products are described by founder Sarah Anderson as "badges of honor for the people with specific passions, especially those who make things with their hands."

  9. Present & Correct: "Paper and office objects that are inspired by homework, the post office, and school."

  10. Slow Factory:  "A mission-driven independent fashion label ... supporting environmental and humanitarian causes."

  11. The Colossal Shop: "Surprising objects that will make you laugh, raise your eyebrows, smile, take a break, put on your thinking cap, or spark an idea--maybe all at once!"

  12. Haptic Lab: Quilted gifts, including with custom embroidery.

  13. Field Notes: Notebooks made in America.

  14. Tab Tag: Personalize the glowing Apple logo on your MacBook with these stickers and decals.

  15. Keytags: Customizable minimalist keychains.

  16. Areaware: Home accessories from independent designers.

  17. Juju Supply Co.: Jewelry designed to give you, yes, good juju.

  18. Oh Happy Day: "Modern and carefully curated party supplies."

  19. Hendley Perfumes: "Fine unisex fragrances, made by hand."

  20. Chipper Things: A collection of cheerful "giftable goodies" from illustrator Becky Simpson.

Got other suggestions? Add them in the comments.